Workforce Planning,
Time Registration
and HR Administration

Save payroll costs and optimise your planning and payroll preparation.
TimePlan is the leading software for Workforce Planning,
Time Registration and HR Administration.

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Reduce your payroll costs
with efficient routines and
successful ‘TimePlan’ning

From planning to determining basic wage rates.
Optimise all processes related to your employees' working hours
and absences. Ensure compliance with collective agreements.

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Use your human resources
when they are needed, and save
wage costs – every day

Reduce the time spent on preparing work plans
and calculating wages with efficient routines
and good planning.

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TimePlan helps you to achieve greater
employee satisfaction
and avoid conflicts

Joint administration of employment contracts and all other
HR documents, HR statistics and analysis. Access to
work plans and swapping shifts in the Employee portal.

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The employees’ own portal

The employees’ own portal

internetportal maskotman

With the Internet module each employee can access and register data in TimePlan by logging in via the Internet. This functionality ensures resource savings, online updates and sharing of information because the employees can view and edit their personal data online. The new Employee Portal in TimePlan version 6.0 is a further development of the Internet module.

TimePlan – anywhere, anytime

Get TimePlan – anywhere, anytime

TimePlan App has been released for both iPhones and Android. The app has been developed as the mobile version of Employee Portal (Internet Module), in which employees are able to see their working hours, release shifts, take vacant shifts, as well as read news from the company.

TimePlan App is a free service for companies, which has licence for TimePlan Version 6 and Employee Portal.

Our customers say:

The fact that the new TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones will be released soon, was amongst the reasons why Aalborg Airport has chosen to implement TimePlan.


- Vi undersøgte alle systemer på markedet, og TimePlan var det bedste system til at håndtere kombinationen af tidsregistrering og planlægning af bemanding.

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- TimePlan er et værktøj for afdelingslederne til at styre behovet for bemanding og for økonomiafdelingen til at sammenholde aktuelle realiserede timer med budgettet.

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