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TimePlan workforce management in Germany crosses borders

The new Courtyard Marriott hotel in Brussels has just gone live with TimePlans online workforce planning. Other hotels in Frankfurt, London and Oslo will follow during the spring. TimePlan Software's German company is growing rapidly with workforce management across Europe... 



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TimePlan customer meetings - respect at eye level

This week, TimePlan Software's customer groups met for their annual meetings, including Retail 2 with Estee Lauder, Lidl, Imerco, Plantorama, Maxi Zoo,  IDE Design, Biltema, and Eventyrsport.

It was TimePlan consultant Roland Schødts-Willassen first customer meeting, and he noticed how the customers met at eye level with respect.



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TimePlan's oldest customer group meets for the 16th year in a row

TimePlan Softwares ældste ERFA gruppe, Detail 1, mødtes denne uge på kontoret i Aalborg til det 16. årlige ERFA møde. Bauhaus, Jysk, IKEA, Magasin, SILVAN, Netto og flere andre TimePlan kunder indenfor detail lærte om nye funktioner indenfor vagtplanlægning og HR administration og kom med ønsker til fremtidige forbedringer.

Alting går stærkt i øjeblikket. Sådan er det for os alle. Det kunne Henrik Baasch konstatere under sin velkomst...



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Mads successfully develops a unique TimePlan tool

TimePlan apprentice Mads Brandbjerg Nielsen has developed a unique update tool during his apprenticeship at TimePlan Software in Aalborg.

Now that Mads has passed his exam as a Data Technician it has earned him a full-time contract as a software developer to implement the new tool and contribute to the continous development of TimePlan.



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Plantagen saves time with TimePlan workforce management

The store managers at Plantagen in Sweden cheered loudly during the recent presentation of TimePlan’s electronic forms. Now, the store managers can create employment contracts directly in TimePlan and save time with online shift planning.

Plantagen joined the stream of new TimePlan customers in Scandinavia in December 2016...

 2017-02-09

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Keep track of employee work hours and avoid penalties

It is illegal to work more than 48 hours a week. This has again been made clear by the Danish High Court, which recently sentenced a Danish employer a penalty of DKK 50,000 to be paid to a tractor driver.

On average, the tractor driver had worked more than 48 hours a week for a period of four months...



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First Hotels in Scandinavia choose TimePlan for workforce management

Magnus Borjesson from PA Kompetens in Stockholm is proud to welcome First Hotels in Sweden, Norway and Denmark as new members of the TimePlan family. He has worked as a TimePlan vendor in Sweden since 2007, and is behind several large contracts with new customers in Scandinavia.

”TimePlan’s electronic forms are crucial to First Hotels...



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TimePlan streamlines our workday

The goldsmith chain Henrik Ørsnes has been suffering from growing pains and implemented TimePlan to take care of shift planning, time registration and HR administration. Shop Manager Stine Pehrson is pleased about the results. 

"We used TimePlan for a number of years just to create rosters," says Stine Pehrson, Shop Manager at Henrik Ørsnes in Aalborg... 



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TimePlan Software has moved overnight

How long does it take to move an entire software company with thirty-five employees? Less than eighteen hours, if you ask TimePlan Software in Aalborg, who started moving from Indkildevej Wednesday afternoon, 11th January, and at 00:15 Thursday was ready with Internet and phones at the new address Vandmanden 10 C in Aalborg SV. 

This morning, Thursday 12th January, 2017, all TimePlan Software's employees were up and running...