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The fact that the new TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones will be released soon, was amongst the reasons why Aalborg Airport has chosen to implement TimePlan.


TimePlan is the leading software product for Workforce Planning, Time Registration and HR Administration

TimePlan® is an efficient, flexible, user-friendly tool for workforce Planning, Time Registration and HR Administration. The software can be customised to precisely match the company's current needs with regards to collective agreements, working hours regulations, your organisation, etc.

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Reduce your labour costs with efficient routines and good planning. Optimise all processes related to employee working hours and absences. From planning to payroll preparation. Save money by ensuring correct reimbursement.

Time Registration

Time Registration

Improve employee satisfaction and avoid conflict by ensuring compliance with working hours regulations and collective agreements. Use the same system in several countries with integrated language modules and configuration options for specific country agreements. European Working Time Directive (EWTD) supported.

HR Administration

HR Administration

Joint administration of contracts and all other HR documents. HR statistics including employee composition, turnover, absenteeism analysis, sick leave data, etc. Access to work schedules, shift swapping, etc. via the Employee Portal, and the opportunity to see, take and release shifts via the TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones.


TimePlan is used by more than 400 businesses and organisations throughout Europe. Our customers range from companies with 20 employees to large international corporations with many departments and thousands of employees. TimePlan is used by a wide range of retailers, hotels, airports, theme parks, catering companies, transport providers, manufacturers, etc.

TimePlan can be used by all businesses and organisations to plan and register employees' working hours and absences, regardless of whether the time registration is used as the basis for wage payments, the calculation of flexible time, holiday, absence or customer invoicing.

With this software the executive management, the planning department and the employees will always have an updated overview of working hours, sick leave, holidays and other absences.

TimePlan can be integrated with recognised third-party payroll systems to enhance the payroll reporting efficiency. The wage calculation function supports applicable collective agreements, just as it is possible to define individual wage agreements. In other words, wages and salaries – with all relevant bonuses and supplements – can be calculated in a matter of seconds at the click of a single button.


Modular design

TimePlan comprises of the basic module, which includes all the required tools for efficient, flexible work scheduling in accordance with collective agreements, working time regulations, etc. In addition, you can extend the basic module with a number of add-on modules to meet your company's particular needs.

At any time, TimePlan can be adjusted to support more users, departments, collective agreements and additional modules, when the need arises. The customer’s installation can be supplemented by a subscription, which comprises of free updates to the newest versions of TimePlan as well as phone support.


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