Our customers say

The fact that the new TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones will be released soon, was amongst the reasons why Aalborg Airport has chosen to implement TimePlan.


What is TimePlan ?

  • The first version of TimePlan was launched in 1995
  • Originally developed to be used by the retail industry
  • TimePlan installations can be found in more than 400 businesses in 18 European countries
  • TimePlan distributors can be found in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, The United Kingdom and Holland
  • TimePlan is a software product for Workforce Planning, Time Registration and HR Administration
  • TimePlan is a Windows based system
  • User-friendly and modular, fulfilling the needs of the customer – nothing more, nothing less
  • Examples of what the TimePlan modules contain: Planning, Absences, Employees, Management, Appointments, Regulations, Wage Budget, Working Hours Approval, Statistics, Sign In, Export, Import, etc.
  • Many of our customers are large international corporations with many sub-divisions and thousands of employees. Customer examples: Jysk, Bauhaus, Silvan, Jem & Fix and many others.


TimePlan A/S - innovative software maker

  • TimePlan A/S is an innovative and international, market leading software maker.
  • The company was founded in 1990.
  • 100 per cent focus on TimePlan.
  • 25 dedicated employees.
  • Installations in 18 countries in Europe.
  • Dedicated and satisfied customers in TimePlan Customer Groups.
  • Solid finances with AAA rating.


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