Our customers say

The fact that the new TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones will be released soon, was amongst the reasons why Aalborg Airport has chosen to implement TimePlan.


Improve employee satisfaction and avoid conflicts


TimePlan can help you and your company with all types of administrative HR tasks. This will ensure optimum handling of the tasks in full compliance with the applicable legislation, the corporate strategy and the internal policies.

  • Shared administration of employment contracts and all other HR documents
  • Analysis to ensure proper wage calculation under applicable collective agreements and working time regulations. Ensures compliance with working time legislation and collective agreements
  • HR statistics – staff composition, staff turnover rate, absence analyses, illness levels, etc.
  • Internet Employee Portal offering the possibility to view working hours and swap shifts
  • Access to own work schedules, shift swapping, etc. on the Employee portal
  • Use the same system in several countries
  • Integrated language modules and set-up options to accommodate specific national collective agreements
  • Management of employment contracts and all other HR documents
  • European Working Time Directive (EWTD) supported

HR – with a focus on the employee

The TimePlan system serves to increase the level of service and provide an improved overview for the HR function, the executive management, and the individual employee. Having several people use the HR system will facilitate the daily work of the HR department and help enhance the visibility of the company's focus on employee development. This often leads to an increased commitment among both managers and employees. We cannot tell you here and now whether you will be saving thousands or millions, but we can guarantee that you will be saving costs every single day.


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