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The fact that the new TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones will be released soon, was amongst the reasons why Aalborg Airport has chosen to implement TimePlan.


Save money and get a complete overview with efficient time registration


Registering actual working hours will ensure correct wage payments, save you time and money and increase the employee satisfaction.

TimePlan can be used whenever a company needs to register its employees' working hours, regardless of whether the time registration is used as the basis for wage payments, flexible time, holiday, absence management or customer invoicing. Thus, with the system, the executive management, administrative staff and employees will always have an updated overview of the working hours, illness, holidays and other absence.

  • TimePlan can be integrated with recognised third-party payroll systems to enhance payroll management efficiency
  • The wage calculation function supports applicable collective agreements, just as it is possible to define individual wage agreements
  • In other words, wages and salaries – with all relevant bonuses and supplements – can be calculated in a matter of seconds at the click of a single button
  • Correct time registration increases employee satisfaction and prevents conflict by ensuring compliance with all working time regulations and collective agreements
  • Optimisation of the processes of managing employees' working hours and absence
  • Approval and editing of the working hours registered from the TimePlan SignIn or Internet modules or from external time registration terminals
  • Registration from external terminals, such as card readers or swipers, fingerprint readers, scanners, Windows server logon, etc.
  • Wage cost savings, planning and preparation of the payroll management
  • Optimise all processes of managing employees' working hours and absence

Manual administration of time registration is expensive

Generally, expenses resulting from manual rounding errors, forgotten notes and manual calculation of overtime, flexible time and holidays will cost a company more than one per cent of its total annual wage and salary costs. Electronic time registration systems like TimePlan can eliminate such errors, while at the same time reducing the required administrative efforts to a minimum. We cannot tell you here and now whether you will be saving thousands or millions, but we can guarantee that you will be saving costs every single day.


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