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The fact that the new TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones will be released soon, was amongst the reasons why Aalborg Airport has chosen to implement TimePlan.


Online work schedule, messages and overview with TimePlan Web App

How many times have you been bombarded with calls from employees wanting to swap shifts? Or when they’ve lost the printed version of their work schedule? Does your communication with your employees currently consist of printouts, messages in the hallway or on the bulletin board in the cafeteria?

Your work schedule on your smartphone

The new TimePlan Webapp lets your employees have access to their work schedule anytime, anywhere. All they need is a smartphone or tablet with Internet access and a browser. The TimePlan webapp grants a complete overview of where and when the shifts are, including work functions and projects. As soon as the work schedule has been approved, it is available on your employees’ device of choice. 

Employees will be able to release shifts directly in the webapp. Colleagues who are eligible for taking the shift are instantly able to request it. The webapp presents available shifts and requests for taking a shift in a convenient way, providing your employees with an updated overview.

Vacation requests can easily be submitted in the webapp, and you can approve the waiting requests in TimePlan. Do you need to know your employees’ availability in the near future? Let your employees specify days and periods with specials tags, so you know whether they are available for work. Very handy in the TimePlan planning window and also in Autoplan.


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TimePlan Webapp is platform independent as it runs in a browser - so you do not have to bother yourself with installing an app or worry about its compatibility with your phone


A complete communication platform

Send messages to one or more employees from TimePlan directly to the webapp. Attach documents and other files, and include an Accept/Deny option to settle a question or a poll. Your employees can easily send messages to each other – in a simple and convenient design.

Notify an entire department or a specified handful of employees about a particular message in a digital bulletin board. The message can be specified to only be shown in a certain period of time, and can be accompanied by an attached file.

A simple way to handle time registration

The TimePlan Webapp gives your employees a simple way of recording their actual work hours from their smartphone, tablet or PC. The webapp conveniently logs work hours in multiple project units or working functions. 

Did one of your employees accidentally punch into the wrong department or project unit or forget to register their entire day? No problem. The TimePlan Webapp gives them the opportunity to edit or register their work hours after the end of the day. You are also able to edit their logged work hours thus giving you full control of the wage costs.

Overview and control of accounts and expenses

In the TimePlan Webapp, your employees are able to see their time off in lieu balance, how much vacation they have left, and their wage information. If enabled, they can even specify the amount of time off in lieu and vacation they want paid out. Other accounts available on the webapp include PH time and flex time.

Do your employees have work-related expenses that need to be reimbursed? Expenses and mileage allowance can easily be entered into the webapp and can include multiple locations. In TimePlan you get the complete overview of reimbursements, and you can easily edit and approve them.


Book a presentation of TimePlan or call (+44) 020 8798 0777