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The fact that the new TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones will be released soon, was amongst the reasons why Aalborg Airport has chosen to implement TimePlan.


Use your human resources only when they are needed, and save wage costs – every day


Save time when preparing work plans and calculating wages with efficient routines and good planning.

TimePlan Workforce Planning gives you a complete overview of the employees' working hours, flexible hours and absences. Your business will save time preparing and planning the payroll management procedures. Efficient routines and cost-effective planning will give you significant wage cost savings, along with optimisation of all processes related to managing employees' working hours and absence.

  • Optimise all processes related to managing the employees' working hours and absences
  • With TimePlan, the monthly wage basis will be transferred electronically to the payroll management system
  • Wage cost savings, planning and preparation of the payroll management
  • Reduce the wage costs via efficient routines and cost-effective planning
  • Make money by ensuring proper and timely filing of reimbursement applications
  • Notification rules help you avoid conflict with your employees and save unnecessary wage costs
  • Save time preparing and planning the payroll management procedures
  • Plan duties without operational staff shortages or excesses
  • Improve the planning to ensure higher job satisfaction among the employees
  • Working environment and productivity levels are improved, while the levels of downtime and absence due to illness decrease
  • Prevent and minimise potential conflicts between management and staff to free up more time for the management and development efforts
  • Improve the ability to make on-the-fly shift adjustments to ensure that staffing levels will always match the activities, tasks, quality requirements and staff availability
  • Improved consideration for the employees' needs ensures longer staff retention
  • Create an attractive workplace to make it easier to recruit new employees
  • Get a non-binding online presentation of our solutions

Make more and better decisions to enhance job satisfaction and profit levels.

Making better decisions on the time, duration and distribution of the duties is what is required to enhance your day-to-day operations and results. We cannot tell you here and now whether you will be saving thousands or millions, but we can guarantee that you will be saving costs every single day.


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