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The fact that the new TimePlan App for iPhone and Android phones will be released soon, was amongst the reasons why Aalborg Airport has chosen to implement TimePlan.


Make your work plans more structured, manageable and efficient with TimePlan !

Based on a template tool, setting up work plans is fast and can be done with as many weeks as the plan period should contain. You can quickly and easily insert working hours, and TimePlan checks and automatically calculates bonuses, overtime, etc., when approved work plans change.

You get a graphical overview of current manning and key figures of hours and wages for days / periods. Colour indicators ensure that you plan employees allocated hours properly according to conventions and agreements. If exceeded you have the option to be notified with alerts, so you have a proper work plan, where you have control of your manning needs.

Graphical overview of employees' working hours - far right is the so-called counters with color indications

Benefits for your work scheduling using TimePlan:

  • Save time by easy insertion of working hours via template tool
  • Counters with color indicators ensure that employees' allocated hours are properly planned according to conventions and agreements
  • View key figures of hours and wages for days / periods
  • TimePlan calculates automatically bonuses, overtime, etc., when approved plans change
  • Warning system notifies you of exceeding agreements and contracts


Get access to work plans online and on the go

timeplan-appVia TimePlan Employee Portal, a company's employees to log in and view the working hours, swapping shifts, absences, vacation and more. With the mobile version of the Employee Portal, employees can see their work plan, anywhere, anytime.



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