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With JYSK in Europe: TimePlan is an important tool

For the past 20 years, the Danish retail chain JYSK has partnered with TimePlan in 19 European countries. Henrik Naundrup and Keld Marott has led the journey and explains why TimePlan is an important tool in JYSK’s international expansion. It all began with...
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Anna followed her heart and got a new career in Europe 

In 2010, Anna Friborg emailed Henrik Baasch from TimePlan Software to say goodbye. She had quit her job in Sweden and was moving to Holland to live with her boyfriend. But then Henrik Baasch offered her a job as a consultant and the rest is history. 10 years of...
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TimePlan ranks number 1 in industry software

When TimePlan Software commemorated its 25th anniversary on Friday, September 25, 2020, the company could also celebrate its great ratings on this year’s Top 100 List. The rankings were published the same day in the Danish Computerworld magazine. TimePlan Software can...
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Get satisfied employees – while saving wage costs

Wage costs often carry weight on the budget. You probably want to lower these – without compromising on the staffing or customer service of your business. A workforce management system can help you do just that. Workforce management is a series of activities you use...
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Preben started a workforce management revolution

In 1995, Preben Bjerregaard had enough of messy Excel spreadsheets and complicated employment rules. There had to be an easier way to plan shifts for 60 employees in five departments. Therefore, he contacted his friend Henrik Baasch and, as it turns out, he was right....
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Participate in TimePlan’s 25th Anniversary – virtually

We’ve been looking forward to celebrating TimePlan’s 25th anniversary with you all year. We couldn’t wait to welcome you at the anniversary reception at our head office in Aalborg. But we expect that there may still be uncertainty about the guidelines and status of...
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