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Let Autoplan generate your rosters

Rune Mosbæk is one of the architects behind Autoplan. It almost sounds too good to be true: Automatic shift planning in TimePlan 7. But that’s what the new feature Autoplan enables. Programmer Rune Mosbæk explains how Autoplan generates the most optimal rosters....
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TimePlan 7 – now live

”Today is a historic day for TimePlan,” says Henrik Baasch, CEO of TimePlan A/S. ”With the launch of TimePlan 7, we’re jumping a step ahead of our competitors and bypassing several milestones. We owe this to our customers and the market we operate in.” The...
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Media Markt: We look forward to Autoplan

This week, the Dutch division of the German retailer for consumer electronics, Media Markt, visited TimePlan’s head offices in Aalborg. Media Markt CFO Rob Janssen brought four colleagues from Holland along to the TimePlan 7 presentation focused on of how...
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Nordic Choice Hotels expands into Finland

This past week, TimePlan Finland was pleased to host an implementation meeting for two new Clarion Hotels currently under development in Finland. One is in downtown Helsinki and the other one is at Helsinki Airport. Both hotels have a scheduled opening date of October...
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New TimePlan distributor in Singapore

TimePlan is proud to announce a new distributor for Singapore through the signing of an agreement with Choamaro Pte Ltd., a well-established IT provider within the market offering their customers a wide range of allied IT services. Choamaro Pte Ltd. has all of the...
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10 years with Marianne at TimePlan Software

Marianne Lolholm Møller is an institution at TimePlan A/S. During the past ten years, she’s done everything from user trainings and consulting work to telephone support at the Aalborg office. Now, she’s working with the TimePlan 7 manuals prior to the launch on July...
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