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TimePlan Software employs ethical hacker

Ethical hacking? What’s that? TimePlan Software’s Nikolaj Johannesson tells us all about it, because he’s just been certified ethical hacker at Teknologisk Institut in Aarhus, and he’s actually slightly scared about what he’s learned....
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New TimePlan customers want mobile workforce management

“Many of our new customers have selected TimePlan’s Web App right from the onset. Their employees can view work schedules, plan their holiday, send messages and swap shifts on their smart phones.” These are the words of Prakash Visvanathan, TimePlan...
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Successful annual meeting for TimePlan Software

In keeping with tradition, TimePlan Software’s employees gathered for an annual meeting, this time at Hotel BramslevGaard near Hobro and Mariager Fjord. Some of the hot topics were data security, data protection, cloud solutions, TimePlan’s Web App and...
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TimePlan super users looking for new jobs

Are you looking for a talented TimePlan employee? The consumer electronics store ComputerCity is closing, and the TimePlan super users Michael and Betina are looking for new jobs in the Copenhagen area:  Michael Hansen, 50, Head of IT Michael has worked at...
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