Time for something new – Interview with TimePlan’s founder

Time for something new – Interview with TimePlan’s founder

When Founder, CEO and Chairman of TimePlan, Henrik Baasch, lost his job satisfaction and the days began to feel long, he quickly realized that new forces had to take over.

By Gry Koefoed. Photo: Lars Just. Originally published in Talk Magazine, Nordea

“Actually, I’m an Amager boy,” says Henrik Baasch with a laugh and a dialect that’s difficult to decipher. But it doesn’t sound like it’s from Amager, a Copenhagen island.

It’s been 40 years since Henrik Baasch left the Danish capital and went to North Jutland with his then wife and a banking education in his backpack.

Here, according to his own statement, he began his 10 most exciting and challenging working years, when he started as a salesman and ended up as the Group Managing Director of a small local company, which grew during that period and was acquired by an American company.

“It also meant that I had to find a new path,” says Henrik Baasch.

He started a company with his brother providing finance and payroll systems. This is where the cornerstone of what was to become TimePlan was laid, when a friend came and asked for help with a program that could create work schedules for his employees.

When Henrik Baasch and his brother soon after decided to split up the company, he founded TimePlan.

North Jutland pace

Today, 25 years later, TimePlan provides workforce management to 400 companies in more than 25 countries.

Although TimePlan has grown large, it has happened at a quiet North Jutland pace.

“We’ve been offered financing several times, but I’ve said no,” he says, adding:

“We make our own money and use what we earn. We’re not going to expand on borrowed money.”

A strategy that most people with knowledge of the mentality on Amager will probably wonder about. He himself attributes his financial common sense to his apprenticeship at the bank in Copenhagen.

“I saw too many fates that owed too much money and spent them before they were earned,” he says.

With this in mind, he set himself the goal early in his work life that when he turned 40, he should have no debt, and when he turned 50, he should be financially independent.

The answer to the question of whether he has succeeded testifies to the years in North Jutland.

“It’s gone just fine,” Henrik Baasch answers calmly.

Henrik Baa

Grown apart

With TimePlan’s expansion, the unexpected happened to Henrik Baasch. The company he’d founded 24 years earlier had grown away from him.

“It’s been a kind of family business, where I knew all the employees and their families and the children’s birthdays, but as we’ve grown, that close contact is no longer possible.”

The closeness has been one of the most important driving forces for Henrik Baasch.

“I focus a lot on the three words: head, hands and heart. If the three don’t complement each other and there’s 100 percent energy, you can’t perform the way you need to.”

Two scenarios

In 2018, when it became clear to Henrik Baasch that the job satisfaction he’d always had, was suddenly gone, even though the love for the company he’d created and run for 25 years persisted, he began to consider two possible scenarios.

“I realised that it was necessary for the future of the company that I was not the one at the steering wheel anymore. But I couldn’t really figure out whether I should sell or find a new CEO,” he says.

He decided that he wasn’t finished watching the company grow, so a new CEO had to be found and he would remain as chairman of the board. Henrik Baasch already knew the right profile for the job and it’s now been over a year since he passed the baton on to Rex A. Clausager.

“In the beginning, it was difficult to let go, and it’s been impossible to avoid that some edges had to be polished on the gears.”

Today, Henrik Baasch is still happy with his decision, and he’s pleased with how the company is being run.

However, he’s still struggling with one thing since resigning as the Director of TimePlan.

“I need to figure out how to spend my time,” he laughs.

Despite the plan to take it easy for a while, he’s already working on a number of projects, but unlike before, they’re not all work-related.

“Tomorrow I have to take care of my grandchild. It’s nice that there’s time for that now.”

Integration improves your workforce management solution

Integration improves your workforce management solution

Are you using one system for employee scheduling and another one for payroll? Do you manually enter the data into your various systems —with the risk of errors and wasted time?

Proper integration between your IT systems can streamline your work life and save you both time and money. Software Architect Finn Harsfort from TimePlan Software explains how.

“There aren’t many IT systems that can stand alone. They need to talk to other systems,” says Finn Harsfort.

He works with projects to improve TimePlan with regards to integration with other systems. This is to ensure the best solution for all users.

“TimePlan integrates with many different systems. The systems must be able to exchange the data that customers use in order for them to achieve the most optimal and complete solution.”

Finn Harsfort emphasizes that integration can take place both via the web API and via import and export of data files.

Exchange data in real time

When TimePlan integrates with other systems, it means that data entered in TimePlan is automatically synchronized with the other systems—and vice versa.

“Not all customers use Time Plan’s HR system. They might just use the employee scheduling and time and attendance modules. To get the most optimal solution, the data is exchanged between the systems. If you create an employee in your HR system, the employee is also automatically created in TimePlan. It’s less time consuming,, easier and reduces the risk of errors,” explains Finn Harsfort.

Finn Hasfort integrationer

What are the options for integration with other systems?

Within workforce management, there are many opportunities for integration. With TimePlan, you can integrate with systems within the categories:

  • Salary system
  • Digital signature
  • HR system
  • ERP
  • SMS, e-mail, calender and communication
  • Cash register system

Within each category, TimePlan Software collaborates with many integration partners, including ProLøn, Dataløn, esignatur, Penneo, Sympa and Microsoft Dynamics Ax.

See which systems you can integrate TimePlan with.

Advantages of integrating systems with each other

When your workforce management system integrates with e.g., payroll systems, ERP, Digital Signature or similar, you achieve five significant benefitsin particular:

  • Accuracy – avoid errors.

You avoid copy-pasting and typing errors. You always have updated, correct numbers appearing across the systems.

  • Efficiency – save time and make payroll easier

You free up time for the administrative staff. They get the opportunity to spend time more efficiently on other things.

  • Overview – all information in one place

Stop messing around with different folders and documents. You always have an updated overview. Everything is synchronised and gathered online.

  • Optimization – exchanges data in real time

You optimise work processes across all departments of your business. In addition to the administrative tasks, the your employees always have access to employee schedules, holiday balance statements, e.g.

  • Safety – automatic transfer

When the data is automatically transferred, you ensure that the files are not viewed by some to whom it does not concern, e.g. salary files or contracts.

Adapts to customer needs.

”“At TimePlan, we regularly receive inquiries about new integrations to new systems from our customers. That’s why we’re constantly developing TimePlan so we can offer the best possible, integrable solution,” says Finn Harsfort.

“As a customer, you’ll be assigned a consultant who will help set up TimePlan according to your company’s needs. All you need to do is have agreements in place with your other systems and tell the consultant what your needs and wants are. Then we’ll solve the integration. “

Want to know more? Contact us today.

New job opening: Marketing Manager for graphic design and digital marketing

New job opening: Marketing Manager for graphic design and digital marketing

Do you want to help take TimePlan’s graphic design and digital presence to new heights?

Are you a keen graphic designer and can you think creatively in digital marketing and lead-generating campaigns? 

We are looking for a competent Marketing Manager who will be responsible for the visual identity and digital marketing of our own software solution TimePlan. Someone who can also be hands-on.

As Marketing Manager, you’ll be responsible for TimePlan’s visual expression both on our website and in other digital marketing.

Your focus will be to create knowledge of TimePlan, generate leads, support sales, strengthen our brand and help build customer loyalty. 

You will be part of a passionate and committed team of employees at our head office in Aalborg SV. Many of us have been working with TimePlan for several years and no two days are alike.

TimePlan is an innovative software solution for employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration. Leading retail and service companies use TimePlan in more than 25 countries.

Are you on top of spring holidays and planning your work hours?

Are you on top of spring holidays and planning your work hours?

Spring is here and it’s full of holidays. For many companies the questions soon begin to arise: Do my employees have the right to take time off on public holidays? What payment are they entitled to if they take time off or work during Easter or Pentecost? What should I take into account when I schedule their work hours? TimePlan can help you keep track of all of this when you set up the collective agreements in the program.

According to Danish work regulations and regulations in other parts of Europe, the general rule is that a public holiday is a working day. The individual employee must thus work in the usual way on public holidays and is not, as a rule, entitled to absence, paid leave or separate payment for shifts on public holidays.

Thus, the right to take leave on public holidays is not regulated by law, but can, however, be stated in collective agreements, individual agreements, personnel policies, etc. All this is important to be aware of when you plan and manage your workforce.

Calculate allowances and keep track of absence

When you schedule your employees and record their work hours in TimePlan, you can set up the programme to automatically keep track of collective agreements, including the rules around holidays.

You can set up collective agreements and local rules in your installation, so TimePlan automatically notifies you during your planning if you are breaking a rule. TimePlan automatically calculates allowances for your employees when they work on holidays, work overtime and also keeps track of absences.

With TimePlan you can keep track of:

– Absences
– Time off in lieu

If no right of absence or payment on holidays is taken into account in your agreements, personnel policies or individual agreements, the individual employees will, as a rule, not be entitled to absence or paid freedom.

However, the starting point can be deviated from, and in this case this will be stated in the collective agreements.

Want to know more about the rules for holidays in the Danish retail agreement, the free choice agreement and the hotel agreement?

Read more.

How to handle staff management during corona

How to handle staff management during corona

The corona pandemic has thrown companies into a whole new situation. More than ever, tools are needed to ensure more flexible workforce management. You need to be able to increase and decrease your staffing. Record odd work hours. Open and close the store. Hire more staff quickly. TimePlan can be a great tool for employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration.

A new world with new needs

The new situation that you and many others find yourself in can be difficult to navigate and manage. It’s a new world with new needs.

At the same time, it’s more essential than ever for you to manage and keep track of your business and employees. When do you need more staff? How many are needed? When have employees working from home signed in and out? And everything else…

You need to be able to keep track and adapt to the situation you’re in. i.

Different companies – different situations

Some companies, for example web shops, need hire more helping hands quickly.

Some must send employees home part-time or are forced to lay them off completely.

Others need documentation of previous months’ staffing to apply for salary compensation.. How many were at work at during this time last year? How many hours did they work? And what were they paid?

No matter what situation you and your company may be in, TimePlan can most likely help.


Get help with time registration and documentation.

Right now, we’re helping many companies and organisations deal with their workforce management needs. Some of the features most used in TimePlan are:

  • Be able to sign in and out of work, regardless of whether the employees meet physically at the workplace or not.
  • Record absences easily and correctly – whether the employee has taken a vacation, been sent home or is on sick leave.
  • Form the basis for applications for salary compensation through historical data.
  • Provide an overview of which employees are available for different work tasks.
  • Comply with GDPR and proper handling of personnel data.
  • Give planners, managers, and employees a better overview and better management in a changing workday.

Save time and get an overview with TimePlan

TimePlan is a Danish-developed software solution that has helped companies for more than 25 years with employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration.

With TimePlan, you save both time and money in your work life and get a better overview – no matter what situation you and your company are in.

Our tailor-made modular solutions meet our customers where their needs are. TimePlan is always set up to
suit you and your wishes.

Want to hear more about how TimePlan can help you and your business?
Contact us today

5 tips for effective employee scheduling

5 tips for effective employee scheduling

Are you struggling with the eternal puzzle of creating a roster that works for everyone? Keeping track of shift changes, absences and number of work hours can be an endless task, stealing your time from more profitable activities. But with effective online employee scheduling, you can save time, money and increase productivity, says Bent Dahl Jensen, project manager at TimePlan Software.

Before joining TimePlan Software in 2013, Bent Dahl Jensen worked in retail and production. For many years, he struggled to get the manual rosters to add up. The frustrations and challenges from that time he has since channelled into his job as project manager at TimePlan Software.

“I have struggled to create employee schedules without having an online shift scheduling system. So I know the need in many ways,” says Bent Dahl Jensen.

Effective shift planning gives you an overview

Bent Dahl Jensen has seen how ineffective planning and staffing can be very costly for a business. Both in salary, but also in terms of fines.

“Effective employee scheduling is the key to always having the right employees in the right place at the right time,” he says. “With an online shift scheduling system like TimePlan, you know when you need extra staff in the store.

You can easily see when the alarm bells are ringing—and if you exceed something you should be aware of. It can be both work rules and whether you comply with the budget figures. You avoid cumbersome processes and unmanageable spreadsheets by gathering everything in one place. You ensure that you always have an overview.”

Vagtplanlægning timeplan

5 tips for better and more efficient employee scheduling

Here’s Bent Dahl Jensen’s 5 best tips to get the most out of your employee scheduling:

1. Know your needs and your finances

To achieve the optimal employee scheduling, it’s important that you know your needs and your finances. What budget hours and budget figures would you like to adhere to?
Find a benchmark to hold your daily operations up against. If you don’t have a benchmark, it’s’ just a matter of plotting in shifts and hours without thinking about what you can afford and need.

2. Take care of your employees

Do you have an overview of whether you comply with your industry’s collective agreements and labour market rules? Do you spend an excess of hours to get the roster done and the work tasks covered This might be a rock-solid way to burn out your employees and ensure that they start exploring other avenues.

With an effective online shift scheduling system that , you will be warned if you break a rule. TimePlan makes sure you always have the right employees in the right place at the right time. This enables you to take care of your store and your employees..

3. Get the right numbers in the right format

With efficient employee scheduling, you can make optimal use of work hours, because you no longer have to pick up your numbers from several different places. All data is gathered in one place in a format where you don’t have to process it any further. You don’t have to waste your time rummaging through several different spreadsheets.

An online employee scheduling system gives you everything—completely automatically. You can spend your time developing and growing your business.

4. Be open and help your employees

our employees need flexibility and clarity in their everyday lives.

It should be easy for them to see the roster—anytime, anywhere. Easy to see balance over holidays, time off, etc. Easy to swap shifts and communicate with colleagues. With TimePlan WebApp, your employees always have an up-to-date overview of hours at hand.

Bonus: You don’t have to spend time figuring out the answers when all your employees come and ask. They won’t come and disturb you or the administration with these questions and your time is not disturbed.

5. You have to learn—and become more skilled for tomorrow

With effective online employee scheduling, you always have the financial overview. Every day, when the day is over and approved, you have an overview.

No matter where in the company you sit, you can pull out the necessary data and use it to optimize for tomorrow. Take full advantage of your system to save time, money and increase productivity.

Save work hours and personnel costs with TimePlan

For more than 25 years, TimePlan Software has helped more than 700 companies across different industries with efficient employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration.

With TimePlan, it’seasy to make changes and make good decisions about your personnel administration.

“The biggest advantage of TimePlan is the complexity of the program. It’s an ideal platform for dealing with labour market rules and legislation around the world, ” says Bent Dahl Jensen.

“TimePlan gives you the tools to create and manage your workforce so you always get the most of it.”

Bent TimePlan