How to handle staff management during corona

How to handle staff management during corona

The corona pandemic has thrown companies into a whole new situation. More than ever, tools are needed to ensure more flexible workforce management. You need to be able to increase and decrease your staffing. Record odd work hours. Open and close the store. Hire more staff quickly. TimePlan can be a great tool for employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration.

A new world with new needs

The new situation that you and many others find yourself in can be difficult to navigate and manage. It’s a new world with new needs.

At the same time, it’s more essential than ever for you to manage and keep track of your business and employees. When do you need more staff? How many are needed? When have employees working from home signed in and out? And everything else…

You need to be able to keep track and adapt to the situation you’re in. i.

Different companies – different situations

Some companies, for example web shops, need hire more helping hands quickly.

Some must send employees home part-time or are forced to lay them off completely.

Others need documentation of previous months’ staffing to apply for salary compensation.. How many were at work at during this time last year? How many hours did they work? And what were they paid?

No matter what situation you and your company may be in, TimePlan can most likely help.


Get help with time registration and documentation.

Right now, we’re helping many companies and organisations deal with their workforce management needs. Some of the features most used in TimePlan are:

  • Be able to sign in and out of work, regardless of whether the employees meet physically at the workplace or not.
  • Record absences easily and correctly – whether the employee has taken a vacation, been sent home or is on sick leave.
  • Form the basis for applications for salary compensation through historical data.
  • Provide an overview of which employees are available for different work tasks.
  • Comply with GDPR and proper handling of personnel data.
  • Give planners, managers, and employees a better overview and better management in a changing workday.

Save time and get an overview with TimePlan

TimePlan is a Danish-developed software solution that has helped companies for more than 25 years with employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration.

With TimePlan, you save both time and money in your work life and get a better overview – no matter what situation you and your company are in.

Our tailor-made modular solutions meet our customers where their needs are. TimePlan is always set up to
suit you and your wishes.

Want to hear more about how TimePlan can help you and your business?
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5 tips for effective employee scheduling

5 tips for effective employee scheduling

Are you struggling with the eternal puzzle of creating a roster that works for everyone? Keeping track of shift changes, absences and number of work hours can be an endless task, stealing your time from more profitable activities. But with effective online employee scheduling, you can save time, money and increase productivity, says Bent Dahl Jensen, project manager at TimePlan Software.

Before joining TimePlan Software in 2013, Bent Dahl Jensen worked in retail and production. For many years, he struggled to get the manual rosters to add up. The frustrations and challenges from that time he has since channelled into his job as project manager at TimePlan Software.

“I have struggled to create employee schedules without having an online shift scheduling system. So I know the need in many ways,” says Bent Dahl Jensen.

Effective shift planning gives you an overview

Bent Dahl Jensen has seen how ineffective planning and staffing can be very costly for a business. Both in salary, but also in terms of fines.

“Effective employee scheduling is the key to always having the right employees in the right place at the right time,” he says. “With an online shift scheduling system like TimePlan, you know when you need extra staff in the store.

You can easily see when the alarm bells are ringing—and if you exceed something you should be aware of. It can be both work rules and whether you comply with the budget figures. You avoid cumbersome processes and unmanageable spreadsheets by gathering everything in one place. You ensure that you always have an overview.”

Vagtplanlægning timeplan

5 tips for better and more efficient employee scheduling

Here’s Bent Dahl Jensen’s 5 best tips to get the most out of your employee scheduling:

1. Know your needs and your finances

To achieve the optimal employee scheduling, it’s important that you know your needs and your finances. What budget hours and budget figures would you like to adhere to?
Find a benchmark to hold your daily operations up against. If you don’t have a benchmark, it’s’ just a matter of plotting in shifts and hours without thinking about what you can afford and need.

2. Take care of your employees

Do you have an overview of whether you comply with your industry’s collective agreements and labour market rules? Do you spend an excess of hours to get the roster done and the work tasks covered This might be a rock-solid way to burn out your employees and ensure that they start exploring other avenues.

With an effective online shift scheduling system that , you will be warned if you break a rule. TimePlan makes sure you always have the right employees in the right place at the right time. This enables you to take care of your store and your employees..

3. Get the right numbers in the right format

With efficient employee scheduling, you can make optimal use of work hours, because you no longer have to pick up your numbers from several different places. All data is gathered in one place in a format where you don’t have to process it any further. You don’t have to waste your time rummaging through several different spreadsheets.

An online employee scheduling system gives you everything—completely automatically. You can spend your time developing and growing your business.

4. Be open and help your employees

our employees need flexibility and clarity in their everyday lives.

It should be easy for them to see the roster—anytime, anywhere. Easy to see balance over holidays, time off, etc. Easy to swap shifts and communicate with colleagues. With TimePlan WebApp, your employees always have an up-to-date overview of hours at hand.

Bonus: You don’t have to spend time figuring out the answers when all your employees come and ask. They won’t come and disturb you or the administration with these questions and your time is not disturbed.

5. You have to learn—and become more skilled for tomorrow

With effective online employee scheduling, you always have the financial overview. Every day, when the day is over and approved, you have an overview.

No matter where in the company you sit, you can pull out the necessary data and use it to optimize for tomorrow. Take full advantage of your system to save time, money and increase productivity.

Save work hours and personnel costs with TimePlan

For more than 25 years, TimePlan Software has helped more than 700 companies across different industries with efficient employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration.

With TimePlan, it’seasy to make changes and make good decisions about your personnel administration.

“The biggest advantage of TimePlan is the complexity of the program. It’s an ideal platform for dealing with labour market rules and legislation around the world, ” says Bent Dahl Jensen.

“TimePlan gives you the tools to create and manage your workforce so you always get the most of it.”

Bent TimePlan
Avoid fines with proper time registration

Avoid fines with proper time registration

Do you have an overview of your employees’ daily work hours? Otherwise, it can be expensive for you and your business. As an employer, you are obliged to have a time registration system that can register employee work hours and daily overtime. This was ruled by the European Court of Justice in 2019. But what does the verdict mean for you and your business?

The EU ruling fell on 14 May 2019 based on a specific case in Spain. In the case, doubts arose as to who should be responsible for compliance with the work time rules. In the past, it has been the responsibility of the employee to prove whether the rules were being broken. However, the European Court of Justice emphasized that the employee is the weak party in the employment relationship, and therefore should not be the responsible.

Time registration is the employer’s responsibility

Thus, The European Court of Justice has ruled that it is the employer’s responsibility. Therefore, all EU member states must ensure that employers introduce an “objective, reliable and accessible system, that makes it possible to measure the length of every worker’s daily working time”.

Such a system is intended to ensure that the rules of the Working Time Directive are complied with. The European Court of Justice states that it is an efficient and easy way to always have an overview of the actual duration of the overtime and the general working hours of each employee.

At the same time, a time registration system will be able to provide reliable information, that you can use as valid evidence should this become necessary. Proper time registration also makes your employees happier and feeling more secure because they themselves can have control and an overview of compliance with working time rules.

Observe the rules on working hours

The EU ruling gives your employees peace of mind and certainty that the rules on working hours will be complied with. The rules include:

  • The 11-hour rule
  • The 48-hour rule
  • The rule of a weekly day off

In short, this means that your employees are entitled to at least 11 consecutive hours of rest within each 24-hour period. At the same time, for each period of seven days, they must have one day off, which should preferably be in connection with the daily 11-hour rest period. Finally, the 48-hour rule means that your employees may work a maximum of 48 hours on average per week for a period of four months.

How should the control take place in the different countries?

The European Court of Justice has left it up to the individual EU member states to control how the judgment is enforced. The countries must therefore establish a framework for how to implement this in their national regulations. Exactly how the Danish government choose to introduce the ruling in Denmark has not yet been clarified. However, it is still mandatory for all employees’ working hours to be registered – every day. You can do this efficiently, clearly, and easily with a time registration and shift planning system such as TimePlan, which gathers all the information in one place.

Choose a reliable system for proper time recording.

At TimePlan Software, time registration is one of our core competencies—and has been since 1995. TimePlan ensures that you always comply with the EU ruling on an objective, reliable and accessible system for time registration—and the applicable agreements. Over the past 25 years, we have helped more than 700 customers get an overview and register their employees’ work style and absence. The TimePlan WebApp also gives employees an updated overview of work schedules, holidays and working hours directly on their smartphone.

Contact us today , to learn more about the benefits of TimePlan.

Holiday greeting from CEO Rex A. Clausager

Holiday greeting from CEO Rex A. Clausager

Dear customers, friends and business partners,

Thank you for the cooperation and your trust in TimePlan in 2020. A year that, for most of us, turned out very different than expected.

I imagine that many holiday greetings this year are about Corona. This one included.

Our customers in hospitality, leisure and airports have faced—and continue to face—enormous challenges. The flexibility and fighting spirit that you show is admirable. We will do everything we can to continue to help.

The retail industry has also had major changes and considerations to take into account. Again, it’s impressive to see how quickly and constructively you have adapted to the new realities. Several of our customers in retail have actually experienced an increase in the number of employees.

No company or industry has gone untouched this year. No customer has had “business as usual” in 2020.

TimePlan Software has been no different. Our 25th anniversary, which we had been so looking forward to, had to be postponed and then held virtually. But we still had a wonderful day that we look back on with joy.

We’ve also been very impressed with effort and flexibility shown by our colleagues here at TimePlan Software. Everyone has made great contributions—both at the office and when working from home.

Test and stability have been at the forefront this year. We continue to develop an even more solid platform for the future development of TimePlan. A solution that is intuitive, innovative and open to integration.

We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial collaboration in 2021—and to the word “Corona” being a thing of the past.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year on behalf of all of us at TimePlan Software,

Rex A. Clausager
CEO, TimePlan Software

Christmas presents to SOS Children’s Villages and Ønskeland

In keeping with tradition, we donate our customers’ Christmas presents to charity.

This year, the Christmas donation goes to SOS Children’s Villages who works for vulnerable children internationally and Ønskeland (Wish Land) who supports vulnerable children locally in Northern Denmark.

Attend webinar: New features in TimePlan

Attend webinar: New features in TimePlan

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Join TimePlan Senior Consultant Anna Friborg when she presents the latest news in TimePlan:

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Respecting your time with TimePlan

Respecting your time with TimePlan

Do you feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day? Like you’re sometimes wasting your time? Would you like more time for valuable tasks and for the people you care about?

Time is the most precious resource we have. That’s why it’s so important to respect time and use it the best way possible.

In recent years, there’s been an increased focus on efficiency. But what does it mean to be efficient? In short, it covers that you as an employee, manager or private individual can achieve more in less time.

But we’ll always only have 24 hours a day. Therefore, it’s vital how you spend the time you have. That’s what determines what you get out of time and how efficiently you spend it.

The question is, what is the best use of time for you?

TimePlan respects your time

”Respecting your time” is written under TimePlan’s logo. A so-called payoff. By definition, a payoff is a promise of which value a company’s brand has or what a given solution can do for a customer.

And that is exactly the value TimePlan can give you: respecting your time.

In TimePlan, we have a strong focus on the functions that are I directly related to our customers’ time,, such as:

  • Fast response time
  • Efficient operation
  • Correct payroll process on time
  • Systematisation of complex work rules
  • Effective communication across the organisation
  • Integrations between systems

For us it’s crucial not to waste time neither our customers’ time nor our own. As a customer, you should not spend half a day waiting for a report. You should not spend unnecessary time getting the roster right.

When your time is respected and you manage to use it effectively, it frees up time for what matters to you.

More time with family, to grow your business, for customer care, creativity or something completely different.

The time we live in is also important

It’s also important to consider the time we live in and the current issues in the labour market, for example:

  • The new Holidays Act
  • The EU ruling on a company’s obligation to maintain a time registration system
  • Workplace challenges due to COVID-19.

We make sure that TimePlan is always up to date, living up to the rules, regulations and laws that apply right now and in the future. At the same time, we prioritise time to train our customers in new TimePlan functions and what’s new in workforce management. This way, you don’t have to spend time on it.

Contact us today to learn more about how TimePlan can help you respecting the time in your business.