Download Version 6

You now have access to the installation file below.

This version has been tested and approved in all our tests. For the safest approach, we recommend setting up a test environment where the installation can be tested before updating your operation environment.

Remember to download the latest version of TX Text Control.

For more info, please contact TimePlan Support: or +45 9840 2020.

TitleSizeDate modifiedDownload
TimePlan6_Update 62.49 MB2021-02-17 Download
News_TimePlan_7.15 622.15 KB2021-02-19 Download

Version 6 - Latest Release Documents

TitleSizeDate addedDate modifiedDownload
UK - Softwarechanges - 345.97 KB2018-03-01 Download
Fejlrettelser - 369.38 KB2018-03-01 Download