Our customers say…

Our customers are an essential part of making TimePlan what the solution is today. We have worked with many of them over the course of several years.



“TimePlan ensures that we adhere to the applicable rules and agreements. That our employees get the hours and the salary they are entitled to.”

Henrik Naundruo
Executive Vice President of Finance & IT

Nordic Choice Hotels data

Nordic Choice Hotels

“The forecasting system is important to our hotels because we run large banquets and an F&B manager can easily spend 1,000 hours a day.”

Jørgen Holst
People & Culture Manager


“Retail stores have changed over the past seven years, as have employees. That’s why we need to update our use of TimePlan to reflect where we are today.”

Mona Jansén
Regional Sales Manager

Aleris Hamlet

“With TimePlan, we can always backtrack to see, what our nurses have received in terms of allowances, absence, vacation, sickness and reimbursement.”

Lilian Moberg
Accounting Assistant

Djurs Sommerland

“We save a lot of administration costs by having a system that goes 360 degrees. TimePlan keeps track of our schedules, employment contracts, work hours, and payroll data.”

Michael B. Nielsen

jem & fix

“We have used TimePlan for the past 15 years because the program meets our needs for flexible staff management, correct data and efficient employee communication.”

Jesper Paarup Blicher
HR & Operations Controller 

Scandic Hotels

“We selected TimePlan because the program gives us a quick overview and we can easily check that we comply with our main collective agreements and local agreements.”

Anette Skjærris
Payroll Bookkeeper

Magasin Du Nord

“TimePlan was the most user-friendly system and that’s why we chose it. We were given the opportunity to influence the development of the software – very important to us.”

Hanne Bjorholm
Personnel & Salary Manager


“What we particularly like about TimePlan is the fact that the program is intuitive and our new employees understand it right away. TimePlan also has great flexibility.”

Mads Stenger
Operations Manager


“TimePlan gives us an updated overview of what projects our employees are working on right now. We can sit anywhere in the world and be up to speed.”

Tom Samson
Chief Operating Officer

Santander Consumer Bank

“We selected TimePlan because the program was more ambitious than its competitors and supports the Finance Association’s collective agreements.”

Martin Wennerstrøm
HR Analyst


“I always feel welcome when I call about calendar management and reports. The support staff takes the time to explain things to me so I don’t feel stupid but accommodated.”

Julie Thomassen
TimePlan Coordinator

Companies in more than 25 countries use TimePlan