TimePlan Customer Story –
Rush Trampoline Park

Rush jumps ahead with workforce planning and management in TimePlan’s Web App

When Denmark’s first trampoline park opened, Deputy Manager Thomas Pedersen, Rush Denmark, and his employees also launched TimePlan’s workforce management, including the TimePlan Web App.

“We selected TimePlan because our employees can see the roster on their mobile devises and swap shifts via the TimePlan Web App. We work at different hours and locations around the trampoline park, and our employees can sign in and out of TimePlan via an iPad,” says Thomas Petersen, Deputy Manager at Rush Denmark.

The trampoline park consists of 1,700 m2 interconnected trampolines.

Easy for everyone

For Thomas Pedersen and Managing Director Karen Andresen it has been essential to implement TimePlan right from the outset at Rush. Karen knows TimePlan from her previous job at the department store Salling, and couldn’t imagine not having an online staff scheduling system.

“One of the advantages with TimePlan is that when shifts have been uploaded to the roster, each employee is responsible for either taking the shift or swapping it with someone else. It makes it easy for everyone as opposed to a printed roster from Excel, which needs to be corrected manually,” says Thomas Pedersen.

Manning needs

Thomas Pedersen is looking forward to having TimePlan help with future manning needs.

“Right now, we don’t know our busiest periods of the day. We have just opened. But in a few months from now, we can see a pattern from the time and attendance data in TimePlan, and create our rosters accordingly,” says Thomas Pedersen.

Rush is an American amusement park concept, which is spreading to European cities, including Helsinki, Finland. Rush Helsinki also uses TimePlan workforce management.

Companies in 23 countries use TimePlan

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