The Digital Signature function in TimePlan increases the sense of security for employees and the safety around storage of sensitive material, says Christian Jönsson, CEO, esignatur.

Christian Jönsson, CEO, esignatur, is pleased about the collaboration with TimePlan around the new function, Digital Signature, which saves Danish businesses time and money and increases security when it comes to storing sensitive data.

– In TimePlan, you can create employment contracts directly in the program and send them for Digital Signature via NEM ID with esignatur. This makes the signing of documents safe and easy for administrators, managers, and employees. The function also saves the company time and wage costs, says Christian Jönsson.

Improved safety and overview
Christian Jönsson emphasizes that the Digital Signature process increases the sense of security with the employees because their personal data is handled confidentially and correctly. Digital Signature also gives administrators a better overview because they can see in TimePlan, who has signed which document and who perhaps needs to be sent a reminder. Digital Signature is also environmentally friendly because the function eliminates unnecessary use of paper.

The new Privacy Regulation
Digital Signature has been developed in accordance with the new Privacy Regulation coming into effect in 2018. Christian Jönsson refers to the fact that in the future there will be an increased focus on sensitive, personal data being handled correctly and stored on European ground. The use of e.g. regular e-mails to send employment contracts and the storage on non-approved servers will be looked at with critical eyes.
– Up until now, fines of up to 25,000.00 DKK have been issued for inappropriate handling of personal data, says Christian Jönsson.
– In the future, the size of a fine could go up to 20 million DKK or four percent of the global turnover of the business.

Webinar about Digital Signature
Last week, TimePlan and esignatur hosted another informative Digital Signature webinar for existing and new users of Digital Signature.
Listen to the webinar here and contact esignatur and/or TimePlan for guidance about how to start using Digital Signature.

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