Zita Toft no longer has to print documents, have them signed and scanned. Thanks to the digital signature function in TimePlan 7, employees can now sign contracts directly in TimePlan via NEM ID, which programmer Nikolaj Johannesson (right) has helped develop.

Digital Signature enables you to sign documents directly in TimePlan. The new function saves time and money and increases the security around the storage of sensitive material. Digital Signature happens via NEM ID in collaboration with esignatur.

In the past, a HR administrator would typically have to print an employment contract, send it to the employee, scan, upload and store it in the electronic folder in TimePlan.
“But with the release of TimePlan 7, our Danish customers can now submit the contract for digital signature and let the employee sign via NEM ID,” says Nikolaj Johannesson, programmer at TimePlan A/S.
“As an administrator, you can choose how many and which employees and department managers should sign. All signed documents are automatically stored in the employee’s electronic folder.”
Nikolaj Johannesson has been working with digital signature during the past seven months in collaboration with esignatur.

No more printing and scanning
Nikolaj Johannesson points out that the digital signature in TimePlan can save a lot of precious time, because as an administrator you no longer have to print and scan and retrieve documents from employees via e-mail or printed copies. Especially when a new smoking policy or a security document needs to be signed by everyone in the company, the function is a useful tool.
“The employee will receive an email with a link where they can log in, read the documents and sign via NEM ID. When an employee has signed, the administrator will see a green checked box in TimePlan. The document can be locked so it cannot be edited, and employees can post comments. In the overview window, you can see who hasn’t signed yet and send out reminders,” says Nikolaj Johannesson.

Increased security
With digital signature, you avoid having contracts and other sensitive material lying around in an e-mail inbox or on an employee’s computer. All documents are securely stored in TimePlan. You can put together a package with all documents for a new employee and send them to digital signature all at once.
Nikolaj Johannesson points out that the digital signature functionality is currently available to Danish customers, but that it’s set up in a way so that customers in other countries can plug into it over time.
With Digital Signature, Danish TimePlan customers can sign documents directly in TimePlan with NEM ID.

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