TimePlan Software and Visma DataLøn have just launched a completely new functionality, with which you can send data directly from TimePlan to payroll in DataLøn with just one click. With the new web service integration you save time, avoid  typos and errors and get happier employees because their paycheck is correct.

“Previously, you had to create a payroll file in TimePlan, download it to a computer and upload it again via the DataLøn website,” says Mathias Bæch Larsen, system developer at TimePlan Software in Aalborg (pictured at the top).

“But now you can import data directly from TimePlan on the DataLøns website via API. This means that you do not have to download, save and upload a file. There are fewer steps in the process, which saves time. ”

Improved data security

The new payroll integration solution between TimePlan and DataLøn also ensures improved data security, because in the future there will not be a file with data on a computer, from which the file may not be moved properly to secure location after use.

“All transfer of wage data happens directly between the systems via an encrypted connection. This makes the transfer even more secure,” emphasizes Mathias Bæch Larsen.

Greater employee satisfaction

TimePlan Software has had a partnership with Visma DataLøns for several years. The two companies have a large number of joint customers in Denmark in retail, service, hospitality, restaurant, etc.

TimePlan provides easy and clear work schedules and correct time registration of employees’ hours of work. This creates the wage basis, which is now – easier than ever before – transferred to DataLøn, who is responsible for the payroll.

The result of the integration between TimePlan and DataLøn is thus correct data, shorter administration time, increased data security and greater comfort and happier employees who experience getting the correct salary based on their actual recorded hours.

After-hours meeting in Copenhagen

Thursday, January 24, 2019, TimePlan Software and Visma DataLøn invite you to a joint After-hours meeting in Copenhagen about Easy Payroll integration. Guest speaker Troels Rønn-Simonsen from the trade organisation HORESTA will contribute with a current presentation, as this meeting is particularly aimed at the hotel and restaurant industry.

Mathias Bæch Larsen, system developer at TimePlan Software, shows office administrator Zita Toft, how easy it is to import the wage foundation from TimePlan via the new integration with DataLøn.
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