Head of IT, Johnny Svensson, explains how Hans Christian Andersen Airport uses TimePlan.

When you take off from Hans Christian Andersen Airport (HCA) in Odense, Denmark, TimePlan is part of ensuring that the airport personnel is ready to welcome you on board your flight. HCA has used TimePlan to plan shifts and register work hours since February 2016.

“We heard about TimePlan through Esbjerg Airport and discovered that other Danish airports use the same system,” says Johnny Svensson, Head of IT at HCA.
“Our collective agreements are complex because our staff works odd hours depending on the flight departures. TimePlan automatically calculates all the necessary pay supplements, and under “Functions” we are able to see who is taking care of what task during which departure,” says Johnny Svensson.

Rosters on your mobile
HCA has forty employees in TimePlan who register their work hours via finger print sign-in terminals.
“Our employees can view their rosters on their mobile phone and swap shifts in TimePlan. That’s a handy function for those employees who don’t work at the airport on a day-to-day basis and who are being called in to assist with the flight departures,” says Johnny Svensson.
The next step for HCA will be to export data from TimePlan directly into the government payroll system used by HCA.
“We’ve had very competent guidance from the TimePlan support team during the whole implementation. Our setup can be quite challenging at times with the various collective agreements, and the TimePlan support has been very easy to get a hold of and ready to help,” says Johnny Svensson.
TimePlan keeps track of all collective agreements at HCA Airport, where the employees work odd hours depending on the flight departures.

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