Annette Berglind during Scandic Hotels’ TimePlan Summit in Aalborg in October 2016

This week, Annette Berglind, TimePlan Trainer at Scandic Hotels in Stockholm, sent a lovely email to TimePlan’s CEO, Henrik Baasch about her upcoming retirement. With Annette’s permission, we are publishing the email on our blog as a tribute to Annette and as a thank you for all the times we’ve shared since Scandic’s implementation of TimePlan in 2005.

To: Henrik Baasch and others at TimePlan
Subject: Thank you for everything

Now it’s time for me to retire later than originally planned. I have had many nice, interesting, educational and fun years with Scandic and together with you at TimePlan.

What a journey it has been, quite amazing to implement TimePlan at all the Scandic hotels.
Through TimePlan, I have also been in contact with companies outside the hotel industry, which has been very exciting. I have also had the honour of traveling around to the hotels and training all the managers in TimePlan. We have opened new hotels when Rica hotels were Scandic, new pay roll system twice, yes, the list is long with all the fun and exciting projects.
I will not be bored, now that I’m on vacation full time. Reading the newspaper in the morning, not at night. Wearing my robe until 10 and then switch to sweat pants, no jostling in traffic jams or in the subway.

I have bought myself a potter’s wheel and soon, a furnace to burn my work in. I will travel, go to different courses, and the best part is getting to be the grandmother full time.
What feels awkward and sad is not to meet all of my amazing colleagues and friends every day. I will miss all of you that I have had contact with at TimePlan.
I promise, if I come to Aalborg, I will come and say hello and see how you all are. Maybe you will offer a cup of coffee and a lunch? (As a pensioner has little funds, but much time available).

Thank you for all the years that we worked together. You will remain in my heart. What great memories we’ve shared.

Annette Berglind
TimePlan Coordinator and TimePlan Trainer
Scandic Hotels AB
Visit: Sveavägen 167
Write: Box 6107,
102 33 Stockholm

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