Staff management for hotels,
catering, and restaurants

Flexible shift planning for leading hospitality and catering providers

Large hotel chains, catering companies, and restaurants across Europe use TimePlan as their workforce management system.

Department managers, crew leaders, restaurant managers and house cleaning supervisors are in complete control of their workforce with TimePlan.

Staff planners create rosters and forecasts to optimize their manning needs. Receptionists, catering staff, and cleaners sign in and out of TimePlan to record their work hours. They also check their schedule and messages on their smart phones.

Staff Management for Hotels, Catering, and Restaurants with TimePlan Web App
TimePlan ensures correct scheduling and time tracking, accurate payroll data, easy administration for the hotel and restaurant management

Automatic wage foundation for payroll

HR staff keeps track of employee documents, contracts, employment laws, and employee development – all within TimePlan.

TimePlan provides the payroll department with an automatic wage foundation based on the scheduling, time and attendance, absence, overtime, etc.

TimePlan ensures correct scheduling and time tracking, accurate payroll data, easy administration for the hotel and restaurant management, and happy employees.

Scandic Hotels save time and wage costs with TimePlan

“TimePlan gives us a clear overview and makes it easy for us to comply with collective agreements. We save work hours and wage costs every day.”

Anette Skjærris
Scandic Hotels
Customer since 2005

Scandic Hotels saves time and wage costs with TimePlan

Since 2005, Scandic Hotels has used TimePlan to keep track of work hours and wage data for about 2,000 employees. The chain has 230 hotels spread across the Nordic region, and TimePlan has saved Scandic Hotels both time and payroll costs.

“We have selected TimePlan in Scandic because the program gives us a quick overview and we can easily check that we comply with our main collective agreements and all our local agreements,” says Annette Skjærris, Payroll Bookkeeper at Scandic Hotels.

She operates within more than 200 collective agreements and local agreements, and TimePlan knows them all. The software ensures that the agreements are being complied with for each employee, and TimePlan also takes care of online shift planning, time registration and HR administration for the entire Scandic chain.

Peter Lackner, Rick Stobbe and Rasmus Steen meet with Bent Dahl Jensen from TimePlan Software
The MOXY and Marriott Courtyard hotels have been implementing TimePlan at European hotels since 2015

Too many or too few hours

One of the many department managers that benefits from using TimePlan is Kim Knudsen, F&B Manager at Scandic Kolding. He checks his employee work hours every day.

“I use TimePlan in my daily work to check work schedules and see wage budgets. I also create rosters and compare the actual hours with my wage budget,” says Kim Knudsen.

“In TimePlan, I can see how many hours an employee has worked in a week or a month. When the counters in TimePlan are yellow, the employee has not had enough hours. When the counters are green, it’s fine and when they are red, the employee has worked too many hours.”

Time registration via terminals

Not only have Scandic Hotels management has had an easier life since TimePlan was implemented. Employees also benefit greatly from online shift planning and time registration. Physical TimePlan terminals at Scandic Hotels easily record when the workday starts and ends, and each employee has his or her own login.

“Practically speaking, I walk through the door, and then our TimePlan terminal is placed right next to it. When I see it, I sign in and when I leave, I sign out,” explains Anne Dorthe Hjort, Restaurant Supervisor at Scandic Kolding.

With TimePlan, the MOXY and Marriott Courtyard hotel staff have a complete overview of personnel costs and wage budgets
With TimePlan, the MOXY and Marriott Courtyard hotel staff have a complete overview of personnel costs and wage budgets

Vacation and time off in lieu

“We can log into our TimePlan and see if we have any hours saved for time off in lieu. Before we got TimePlan, we had to see our manager, and he had to look through all his papers to find that information. Now, we have all the information in TimePlan,” says Anne Dorthe Hjort.

Scandics headquarters in Denmark administers monthly pay to over 2,000 employees. Annette Skjærris says: “Those of us here at the payroll office have experienced a huge difference since we shifted from Excel to TimePlan. In Excel, we typed in everything manually with high risk of error. Now, we get all data and work hours exported directly into our payroll system with a few clicks.”

Annette Skjærris concludes: “Since we implemented TimePlan, we have saved a lot of money. Both in terms of compliance with collective agreements and manpower.”

Companies in more than 25 countries use TimePlan

“We selected TimePlan because the program gave us more accurate numbers than the software we previously used. TimePlan has many more functions and helps us run a much better business.”

Marlene Melstrup


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