Staff Management for Hotels,
Catering, and Restaurants

Flexible Shift Planning for Leading Hospitality and Catering Providers

Large hotel chains, catering companies, and restaurants across Europe use TimePlan as their workforce management system.

Department managers, such as restaurant managers and house cleaning, are in complete control of their workforce with TimePlan.

Staff planners create rosters and forecasts to optimize their manning needs. Receptionists, catering staff, and cleaning staff sign in and out of TimePlan to record their work hours and check their schedule and messages on their smart phones.

HR staff keeps track of employee documents, employment laws, and employee development – all within TimePlan.

TimePlan provides the payroll department with an automatic wage foundation based on the scheduling, time and attendance, absence, overtime, etc.

TimePlan means correct scheduling and time tracking, accurate payroll data, easy administration for the hotel and restaurant management, and happy employees.

Customer Story – MOXY Hotels

The team who manages MOXY Hotels in Europe is so excited about TimePlan Workforce Management that they are expanding TimePlan to ten new hotels in Europe.

Companies in 23 countries use TimePlan

“We selected TimePlan because the program gave us more accurate numbers than the previous software we used. TimePlan has a lot more functions and helps us run a much better business.”

Marlene Melstrup


Sunset Boulevard


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