Workforce Management for Airports,
Ferry Operators, and other Transportation

Smooth Scheduling of Frontline Personnel and Operations

Scheduling and keeping track of work hours at an airport, ferry operator or delivery company, can be a great challenge to meet customer expectations and demands. Everything tends to happen fast.

Fortunately, TimePlan has made it easy for several transportation providers across Europe to schedule their employees, keep track of time and attendance and have important analytics and administration available in real time. Sign-in and out data can be registrered, even if TimePlan is offline, and can be updated and syncronised when the system is online again.

All TimePlan schedules take collective agreements and local employment rules into account. The index counters will automatically alert you if you are about to give an employee too many or too few hours.

TimePlan will also help you avoid paying employees unnecessary over-time, and the software keeps track of absence, holidays, and time off in lieu. The result is smoother daily operations, satisfied employees and reduced wage costs, saving management and administration departments time into the bargain.

Companies in 25 countries use TimePlan

“Our employees can view their rosters on their mobile phone and swap shifts via TimePlan. That’s a handy function for those employees who don’t work at the airport on a day-to-day basis and who are called in to assist with the flight departures.”

Johnny Svensson

Head of IT

Hans Christian Andersen Airport

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