Now, TimePlan’s customer service gets even better. TimePlan Software A/S has just launched JIRA Service Desk, which will keep track of all support requests from TimePlan’s customers and keep you updated while a case is being resolved.

In recent months, a selection of TimePlan customers have tested JIRA Service Desk, and now Lilian Jensen, Department Manager of Implementation and Support at TimePlan Software A/S, has given the ‘green light’ to roll out the system to all TimePlan customers.

“The great thing about JIRA is that customers can log in and submit a request for support, and then follow the process in JIRA. It’s a bit like sending a package and keeping track of where it’s going,” says Lilian Jensen.

A better sense of the process

Lilian Jensen explains that TimePlan customers can log in and see that their inquiry is being processed and which support employee has responded.

“Customers can also get e-mail notifications, telling that the inquiry has now been sent to the development department, and they will be notified when the inquiry has been resolved. This gives customers a much better sense of the process,” says Lilian Jensen.

Share inquiries with colleagues

Lilian Jensen is pleased about the fact that JIRA also allows colleagues within the same company to share inquiries with each other.

“If you are sitting as a TimePlan administrator and have submitted a request for TimePlan support, you can share the ticket with your colleagues via JIRA. Your colleagues can see that you’ve submitted a request – even after you’ve gone on vacation. You can also get an automatic message when your inquiry is resolved. This saves a lot of time, phone calls and e-mails back and forth,” says Lilian Jensen.

A win-win for all

All phone calls to the TimePlan Support will be logged in JIRA. This gives the support department even better control of inquiries, statistics, and much more.

“JIRA is a win-win for all – both for our customers and our support staff,” concludes Lilian Jensen.

Better processes and quality assurance

Finn Harsfort is the man behind the idea of ​​JIRA Service Desk as TimePlan’s new online support system. He has been the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of TimePlan Software A/S since 2017, and he knew JIRA from other companies where he has worked.

“JIRA goes very well in line with the overall quality assurance that TimePlan Software A/S has undertaken in 2017-2018,” says Finn Harsfort, referring to TimePlan Software A/S’ ongoing ISAE 3402 accreditation and some adjustments in relation to the new EU General Data Protection Agreement (GDPR).

“JIRA helps make our processes and quality assurance even better. The result is a smarter, more efficient workday for our customers and employees,” says Finn Harsfort.

Lilian Jensen
Department Manager
Implementation and Support
TimePlan Software A/S

Finn Harsfort
TimePlan Software A/S

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