Nikolaj Bergman is responsible for TimePlan hosting and has recently helped Cowboyland and 3 x 34 Transportation get into the TimePlan cloud.

An increasing amount of TimePlan customers are choosing to have their TimePlan installation hosted in the cloud, including Cowboyland and 3 x 34 Transportation. System administrator Nikolaj Bergmann has an explanation as to why.

“When many of our customers purchased TimePlan e.g. ten years ago, the tendency was that all software should be hosted locally. Each company wanted to take care of their own installations, and they often spent a lot of time and resources on maintenance,” says Nikolaj Bergmann at TimePlan’s head offices in Aalborg.

Easy access
“But today, a lot of our clients ask themselves: What is this going to cost me on an ongoing basis? It’s less important to them whether they host and own an installation – as long as they can easily access what they need.”
And that’s exactly what TimePlan’s customers can when they choose to host their TimePlan installation at Nikolaj’s sky hotel. He mentions that he recently has helped the retail store Cowboyland and 3 x 34 Transportation join the TimePlan cloud.
Nikolaj also observes that there in a general tendency to rent software rather than to buy it, e.g. with Spotify, Netflix, Adobe, and computer games. Or that a company purchases software, which the vast majority of TimePlan customers still do, and then choose to have it hosted in the cloud.

Double security
“When you host TimePlan with us, you don’t have to invest in the hardware and the software which is required, e.g. an SQL server. You don’t have to maintain the environment either, and there is no time or energy spent on updates. As a client, you have double security, because we have two identical servers backing up all the data,” says Nikolaj.
He has just returned to the Aalborg office after three weeks of camping by the North Sea, and he’s now facing a busy fall with more new “residents” in the TimePlan cloud.
Increased security, double back up of data, no maintenance, and easier updates are amongst the many advantages by having TimePlan hosted in the cloud.

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