Julie Thomasen is not just the TimePlan coordinator for the supermarket chain Netto in the fifth year. She is also part of the special unity that grows between TimePlan Software employees and TimePlan customers who work together to ensure that the software runs smoothly for all user.

“For me, TimePlan is like a family,” says Julie Thomasen from her office at Netto in Køge, Denmark.

“I always feel welcome when I call about calendar management and reports. The support staff takes the time to explain things to me so I don’t feel stupid but accommodated.”

In 2015, Julie Thomasen joined Netto’s in-house support department after working with TimePlan at ComputerCity.

“I took TimePlan in like a baby. Today, I work 37 hours per week exclusively with support of TimePlan to our own users.”

Excellent service

Netto has been a TimePlan customer since 2000 and today the supermarket chain has more than 14,000 employees at over 500 stores in Denmark.

TimePlan ensures that store managers can schedule shifts, employees can record their working hours and view rosters on their mobile, and the payroll department can get the data necessary for correct payroll.

Julie Thomasen trains store managers and district managers in TimePlan, delivers reports to Netto’s head office and creates her own training videos for new users. Therefore, she often contacts TimePlan Software.

“The response time from the development department and support is incredibly fast. I’ll call the support or write an email to Flemming or Finn and then the problem is solved within minutes. Excellent service – also at odd hours.”

Suggestion was implemented in TimePlan

Netto is a member of TimePlan’s oldest customer group, Retail 1, which has met once per year since 2001. At the meetings, Julie Thomasen has an experience of being able to influence the development of TimePlan.

“A couple of years ago, I came up with a proposal for a new feature. Henrik, the founder of TimePlan, looked at me and said: That sounds clever. Two versions later my suggestion was part of TimePlan.”

Last time Julie Thomasen attended a customer meeting at the headquarters in Aalborg, she also met in person with the TimePlan Support and development department.

“I have so much love for TimePlan, so of course I will attend the 25th anniversary and then we just have to continue our great collaboration,” says Julie Thomasen.

The story about Julie Thomasen is featured in the TimePlan anniversary book “Respecting your time – 25 years with TimePlan.”

Read the anniversay book here.

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