Rune Mosbæk is one of the architects behind Autoplan.

It almost sounds too good to be true: Automatic shift planning in TimePlan 7. But that’s what the new feature Autoplan enables. Programmer Rune Mosbæk explains how Autoplan generates the most optimal rosters.

“It’s the first time in TimePlan’s history that the program needs to be intelligent in the sense that it makes automatic calculations with Autoplan. This feature has required a new kind of code and approach,” says Rune Mosbæk from the TimePlan head offices in Aalborg.
He explains that Autoplan requires a Metaheuristic approach, which is a kind of recipe for sensible planning. In computer science and mathematical optimization, a metaheuristic is a high-level procedure designed to find, generate, and or select a good solution to an optimization problem.

The user can adjust
Based on the data entered by the TimePlan planner, Autoplan generates a proposal for an optimal roster.
“There are still other solutions and suggestions available in the system, and the user can of course adjust the plan and run Autoplan again. This way, you can see more options and have full control over the roster,” explains Rune Mosbæk.
He and his team of TimePlan programmers have taken all necessary factors into account in order to ensure an optimal roster. This includes the client’s staffing requirements, length of work hours, rules, collective agreements, etc. All the factors that TimePlan always takes into account when rosters are made manually in the program.

Correct staffing
“Autoplan ensures the correct level of staffing, thus avoid paying unnecessary overtime. The function also saves time because you no longer have to create the first version of the roster manually,” Rune Mosbæk emphasizes.
He looks forward to hearing how much time the TimePlan customers save with Autoplan when it comes to the hours, they used to spend on creating the rosters from scratch, and when using the rosters generated by Autoplan.

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