The team behind TimePlan at Marriott Courtyard and MOXY Hotels during the meeting in Amsterdam. From the left: Peter Lackner, Financial Controller, Rick Stobbe, Regional Controller, Bent Dahl Jensen, CEO of TimePlan Software in Germany, and Rasmus Steen, Director of Finance.

The team who manages MOXY Hotels in Europe is so excited about TimePlan for shift planning and time registration that they are expanding TimePlan to ten new hotels in Europe.

This was announced at a meeting in Amsterdam at the turn of the year during which Bent Dahl Jensen, CEO of TimePlan Software in Germany, presented TimePlan’s new web based Application and other new features.
Peter Lackner, Rick Stobbe and Rasmus Steen also participated in the meeting. They manage the daily operations at a number of MOXY and Marriott Hotels in Europe. MOXY Hotels is one of Marriott’s latest brands.

Working more effectively
“We looked at how the hotels can use forecasting in TimePlan to work more effectively with processes. We also focused on integrating TimePlan with local payroll systems in the various countries,” says Bent Dahl Jensen.
The MOXY and Marriott Courtyard hotels have been implementing TimePlan at European hotels since 2015. Now, they are expanding with ten new hotels and a conference centre in 2017. TimePlan has been part of the setup right from the outset, most recently in London and Brussels, and everything is managed from their headquarters in Amsterdam.

A management tool
“What is particularly useful for the MOXY and Marriott Courtyard hotels is the fact that the management can sit in Holland and have a complete overview of personnel costs, effectiveness, wage budgets, etc. in each of the countries. TimePlan is being used as a management tool, which ensures correct staffing at all hotels and saves time and wage costs,” says Bent Dahl Jensen.
He adds that TimePlan’s ability to adhere to local collective agreements in each of the countries is also a part of the reason for the expansion.

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