TimePlan is proud to announce a new distributor for Singapore through the signing of an agreement with Choamaro Pte Ltd., a well-established IT provider within the market offering their customers a wide range of allied IT services.

Choamaro Pte Ltd. has all of the competencies to make our partnership a successful one – both from a market knowledge perspective to understanding the needs of the most demanding IT customers.
Choamaro Pte Ltd. is headed by a Danish export, Soren Frederiksen, who has lived and worked in Singapore for many years. His knowledge of the IT services industry is extensive and one that will make this partnership a real success.

Potential customers
“Over many years, TimePlan has been consistently successful within the hotel and hospitality industry, and Singapore does not lack potential customers for Soren and his team to chase after,” says Kieran Ambrose, TimePlan’s International Manager.
TimePlan now looks forward to conquering its first Asian market through this ambitious distributor with a real foundation for growth and one that can make a difference.

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