System developer Flemming Larsen proudly presents the new TimePlan Web App with colleague Belinda Andersen.

“In the eleven years I have worked with TimePlan, the program has never looked better,” says Flemming Larsen, system developer at TimePlan A/S.

He is pleased about the new TimePlan Web App, which has just been released with TimePlan 7. The design is more user-friendly, and the web app is platform independent. This means that the TimePlan Web App can be used on all smartphones, tables and PCs with a browser and Internet access.
“We have redesigned the user interface, which makes the new web app complete and intuitive. The web app is a shared, responsive web platform, which you can log onto from your smartphone, tablet or PC. The web app also has more features than the previous version,” says Flemming Larsen.
He points out that the TimePlan Web App isn’t really an app, but an evolution of TimePlan’s Employee Portal.

New messaging system
“Employees will be notified when a shift is created or deleted in TimePlan. They can follow the communication about a particular shift and offer to take the shift via the web app. The employees can also request their vacation and send internal messages to each other. Additionally, you can attach files with the messages,” says Flemming Larsen.
He adds that TimePlan customers within the hospitality industry have been requesting an effective messaging system.

Register work hours
With the new web app, it is possible to register work hours after each shift and also if an employee forgets to sign in. Employees can view their time off account, how much holiday they have left, and the account for Sundays, Bank Holidays, and flexitime.
“People are more on their smartphones and tablets than ever before. TimePlan needs to be there as well. The functions our customers have been used to managing via the Employee Portal, they can now manage via the web app,” says Flemming Larsen at the TimePlan head offices in Aalborg.

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