Tom Samson (left) shows Henrik Dam, consultant at Hjørring Business Center and Allan Hejslet, projekt manager at MARCOD, TimePlan in action on the monitor.

TimePlan has optimized the internal processes and given an increased focus on marine and industrial markets. This is the result for Hytek A/S in Northern Jutland after their participation in the Maritime Growth Program.

Until recently, Hytek A/S in Sindal and Frederikshavn used pen, paper and a whiteboard to keep track of tasks and their thirty hourly workers. The company provides customer- specific solutions in hydraulics and mechanics in Denmark and abroad. The old workflow has now been replaced by TimePlan, which makes the daily management much more efficient.

TimePlan optimizes our productivity
”TimePlan gives us an updated overview of what projects our employees are working on right now. We can sit anywhere in the world and be up to speed. TimePlan shows us the skills of our employees, including their certifications. We can send the right people off to the right tasks and quickly reprioritize,” says Tom Samson, Chief Operating Officer at Hytek.

New market opportunities
The opportunity to implement TimePlan arose in May 2015 when Hytek was admitted as one of only thirty maritime companies in the Mari- time Growth Program. The company got help from Hjørring Business Center.

The Maritime Growth Program has given Hytek 150,000.00 Danish kroner in grants to develop a growth plan in the light of an oil crisis. The modernization of Hytek’s IT system with TimePlan is – with the words of Allan Hejslet, MARCOD Project Manager for the Maritime Growth Program – ”an optimal way to get the most out of the new market opportunities.”

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