Per Kafka Thygesen is team leader for TimePlan’s release team. Every sixth week, he releases a new version of TimePlan – this week included.

This week, TimePlan gets even better. Per Kafka Thygesen and his release team releases a new version of the shift planning, time registration and HR – administration software. This happens every sixth week as part of the ongoing updating and quality assurance of TimePlan.

“We exist because of our customers. Their wishes and input guide our development of TimePlan,” says Per Kafka Thygesen.
This time around, he and his team have worked on updates around collective agreements for a Finnish customer and other more specific projects related to various clients.
“A new version of TimePlan typically contains client specific projects and general improvements of the system,” Per Kafka Thygesen explains.

Constantly improved
According to Per Kafka Thygesen, TimePlan is constantly getting improved – often on a daily basis. The advantage of having a six-week release period is that the TimePlan customers can look forward to a specific release date of a function or an improvement. It also gives Per and his team the necessary time to test all aspects of a release before a new functionality is added to TimePlan.
“If something urgent comes up or there is an error somewhere, we naturally correct it ASAP. But TimePlan is a complex piece of software, solving pivotal tasks for our clients. That’s why we pay great attention when testing new versions. We want to make sure they run smoothly for our clients, says Per Kafka Thygesen.

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