Plantagen sells everything to do with plants in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The store managers at Plantagen cheered loudly in Sweden during the recent presentation of TimePlan’s electronic forms. Now, the store managers can create employment contracts directly in TimePlan and save time with online shift planning.

In December 2016, Plantagen joined the stream of new TimePlan customers in Scandinavia. The chain sells everything from plants to pots to garden tools and has 119 stores with 1,125 employees across Sweden, Norway and Finland.
In March 2017, the first Plantagen stores will start to use TimePlan for Shift Planning, Time Registration and the tracking of employee documents.

Huge stores
”What is interesting about Plantagen is they do not have many employees per store, however, the stores are huge,” says Magnus Borjesson from PA Kompetens in Stockholm, who is TimePlan’s main distributor in Sweden.
”This means that each of Plantagen’s stores have one department in TimePlan, but with many different features. An employee can have a shift in the potting section, the garden centre and at the checkout, TimePlan will register the work hours via sign-in terminals and the TimePlan Web App, where store managers can see how much time is spent at each function.”

Super Users
Magnus Borjesson is well versed in rolling out TimePlan in stages over the course of several months and educating the Super Users prior to the roll-out. The Super Users will show their colleagues how to use TimePlan effectively on a computer, tablet and mobile device.
PA Kompetens has been distributing TimePlan in Sweden since 2007. In recent years, they have secured several large orders in both the Retail and Hotel industries, where several new customers, such as Plantagen, have chosen TimePlan for their Workforce Management activities across the Scandinavian region.

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