When POWER opens more new stores, all new employees will get the TimePlan Web App on their smart phones. Mads Stenger is on the far right in a suit.

For the consumer electronics retailer POWER, TimePlan is part of the expansion strategy in Denmark. Operational Manager Mads Stenger uses Digital Signature to sign new employee contracts in Viby, and he shows the TimePlan Web App at employee intro meetings at the new POWER stores.

POWER A/S is growing rapidly. Seven new stores are due to open in Denmark next year, including in Viby, Holstebro and Sonderborg.
Operational Manager Mads Stenger has used TimePlan since 2013 at Expert, and when he helped start POWER in 2015, TimePlan was an integrated part of the setup for the first five stores.

Autoplan and flexibility
Now, TimePlan will be a part of the seven new POWER stores. Mads Stenger is particularly pleased about Autoplan, which gives the new store managers the ability to do automatic shift planning and save time and wage costs.
POWER employs 700 workers and plans to hire another 400 within the next year.
”What we are particularly pleased about with TimePlan is the fact that the program is intuitive and that our employees understand it right away. TimePlan also has tremendous flexibility. You can run a single basic plan or create a detailed wage budgets and reports,” says Mads Stenger.

Shifts ”for sale” on the app
Mads Stenger is also enthusiastic about the new TimePlan Web App.
”We show our employees the TimePlan app during our intro days and set it up on their smart phones. It is important to retain our young workers with good software products. 60 percent of our employees are hourly paid. It is a great help for us to put shifts up “for sale” on the app and let the employees sign up for them. It saves us a lot of time, phone calls, SMSes and Excel spreadsheets,” says Mads Stenger.
”It is important to retain our young workers with good software products,” says POWER’s Operational Manager, Mads Stenger, referring to the new TimePlan Web App.

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