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Employment Agreements

TimePlan is your complete workforce management solution, which offers a great number of features to help you and your company with digitalisation and structure of different types of administrative HR tasks. This includes staff management, employee development, reimbursement, sickness, absence, statistics, etc.

When an employee is first hired, TimePlan stores the employment contract with other important employee data. Notes from staff development interviews and other important documents can also be stored in the master employee data.

TimePlan ensures that all local rules and collective agreements are adhered to in each country and that all data is stored in compliance with the applicable legislation, the corporate strategy and internal policies. TimePlan is currently in 16 languages, and you can shift between languages with just a few clicks.

Online Overview of Employee Schedules
Happy Employees with Efficient Workforce Management

Global and Multinational Staff Management

TimePlan is particularly useful to companies working across many different countries and wish to see all activities in one single system. If any employee changes country or department, TimePlan automatically transfers all history.

TimePlan complies with all local employment rules and collective agreements and is currently being used in 25 countries.

Digital Signature of Contracts

During the employment, TimePlan assists the HR department with storage and administration of employment contracts and all other HR documents.

One of the latest news in TimePlan is a Digital Signature function, allowing the approval of employment contracts digitally in countries where applicable.

Happy Employees with Efficient Workforce Management

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