Absence management
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Absence management

Absence management is a core functionality in TimePlan. Using the TimePlan Web App, employees can easily keep track of their absence and holidays, just as they can apply for time off, report sickness, and more.

During scheduling and time reporting of employee shifts, TimePlan automatically considers the planned holidays and other absences employees may have. TimePlan calculates work hours and wages, which is sent directly to your payroll system.

At the management level, TimePlan lets you analyse and report about your absence levels, e.g. at the top level for the entire company, or for the individual departments. TimePlan provides you with a quick overview of absences for each employee when it comes to reimbursement.

Absence management is a core function in TimePlan Workforce Management
Overview of absence and holidays with TimePlan's Web App

Overview with the TimePlan Web App

The TimePlan Web App gives your employees an easy overview of their absence and holidays on their smart phone or tablet. They can also apply for time off, report sickness, and more.

With the TimePlan Web App, your employees always have their work schedule at hand and can see their upcoming shifts and who they are going to work with.

Your employees can also message each other, if this function is required, and TimePlan can be setup to enable employees to swap shifts or offer to take available shifts.

Aleris Hamlet: Better absence management at the hospital

“With TimePlan, we can always go back and see which nurses have received what allowances and when – also in terms of absence registration, vacation, illness and reimbursement. We save time every day and have the entire history, with all data stored in one place,” says Lillian Moberg Pedersen, Accounting Assistant at Aleris Hamlet Private Hospitals in Denmark.

“Since the implementation of TimePlan in 2011, we have saved time at the payroll department because we no longer have to make manual calculations based on timesheets. We no longer have to calculate absence, holidays, illness, reimbursement, etc. manually. Having employee contracts stored electronically in TimePlan is also a great help with the employee’s absence history, employment history, etc., in one place. The risk of manual errors has also been significantly reduced,” says Lillian Moberg Pedersen.

Aleris Hamlets Lillian Moberg Pedersen saves time and wage costs with TimePlan

More advantages with TimePlan Absence Management

Automatic shift planning

Let Autoplan create the roster, so you can spend more time on your customers and employees. Based on the data you enter in TimePlan, Autoplan will generate the best possible roster.


Structure and overview

TimePlan provides your employees, department managers, HR departments, wage departments, analysts, and controllers with structure and overview. Employees can view their roster on a smart phone and swap shifts with their colleagues.

Secure handling of personal data

Security and trustworthiness of data has the highest priority in TimePlan. That is a key reason why many multinational companies rely on TimePlan to handle the data of hundreds of thousands of employees.

20+ years of experience

TimePlan is the result of 20+ years of experience handling work hours and employment laws across 25 countries. From the outset, TimePlan has been developed in close collaboration with our customers.

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