Analytics & Optimization
of Workforce Planning

One of the things that make TimePlan so unique and a leader in workforce management is the nature and foundation upon which TimePlan is built, to deliver analysis and controlling across the whole platform.

Online Overview of Employee Schedules

Empowerment to Make Decisions

TimePlan makes it easy for you to make correct and reliable decisions based on the built-in reporting and intelligence, right from decisions about individual employee planning to top level management decisions about your workforce.

From a top-level approach, a manager can analyse the workforce performance of departments and of the entire company with a few clicks.

The Planner is in Control

From a planning perspective, warnings and guidance about incorrect planning according to employment laws and regulations makes managing and caring about your employees a central part of TimePlan. Aligning the cost of hours scheduled versus the wage budget, is validated with smart functionality and visual guidelines.

If you need to drill down even more, all employee data is available for further statistics, such as staff composition, staff turnover rate, absence analyses, illness levels, etc.

Happy Employees with Efficient Workforce Management

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