Digital Workforce and
HR Communications

To empower communications and automate HR processes within your company, the employees and managers can easily interact through the TimePlan Web App.

Your communications about the workforce and HR issues are structured, trustworthy, mobile and instant.

Online Overview of Employee Schedules

Information at Hand

Your employees have important information right at hand via their smart phone, tablet or computer.

They can access their work schedule regardless of where they are, and they have an overview of their holidays, time off in lieu, flexitime, accumulated work hours, and salary.

Employee master data is easy to change. Through the TimePlan Web App, employees can edit their own master data, such as a new mobile number.

Work Hour Requests

Information submitted by an employee is automatically updated in TimePlan.

Employees can request the shifts, days and hours, they wish to work, just as they can release shifts and request shifts made available by the manager. Of course, employees can also swap shifts with other colleagues.

Moreover, employees can request various HR related issues for managers to approve, for instance holidays and reporting of kilometre allowances and expenses.

Employees can communicate with other employees via the chat function in the TimePlan Web App, with notifications via SMS and email, with read receipts, and with messages to groups and departments.

Happy Employees with Efficient Workforce Management

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