Retail workforce
planning & management

Easy scheduling and staff management for international retailers

TimePlan helps retail customers in more than 25 countries schedule their employees, keep track of work hours, make forecasts, analytics, and HR administration.

Retail stores are often open on weekends and in the evening. TimePlan helps keep track of accumulated work hours, ensuring that each of the employees receives the allowances they are entitled to. TimePlan also ensures that each employee cannot accumulate unnecessary overtime or work less hours than their contract states.

Easy Scheduling and Staff Management for International Retailers with TimePlan

Magasin Du Nord controls wage costs with TimePlan

“We selected TimePlan because the program gives our department managers an easy and clear way to see their wage costs. They are accountable for those costs with regards to their budget.”

Hanne Bjorholm
Magasin Du Nord
Customer since 2006

POWER puts shifts up “for sale” on the mobile

For the consumer electronics retailer POWER, TimePlan is part of the expansion strategy in Denmark. Operational Manager Mads Stenger uses Digital Signature to sign 70 new employee contracts in Viby, and he shows the TimePlan Web App at employee intro meetings at the new POWER stores.

POWER A/S is growing rapidly. Seven new stores are due to open in Denmark next year, including in Viby, Holstebro and Sonderborg.
Operational Manager Mads Stenger has used TimePlan since 2013 at Expert, and when he helped start POWER in 2015, TimePlan was an integrated part of the setup for the first five stores.

POWER signs employee contracts with Digital Signature in TimePlan
Mads Stenger from POWER is very pleased about TimePlan's usability

Autoplan and Flexibility

Now, TimePlan will be a part of the seven new POWER stores. Mads Stenger is particularly pleased about Autoplan, which gives the new store managers the ability to do automatic shift planning and save time and wage costs. POWER has 700 employees with plans to hire a further 400 over the next 12 months.

”What we are particularly pleased about with TimePlan is the fact that the program is intuitive and that our employees understand it right away. TimePlan also has tremendous flexibility. You can run a single basic plan and create detailed wage budgets and reports,” says Mads Stenger.

Shifts “for sale” on the Web App

Mads Stenger is also enthusiastic about the new TimePlan Web App.

”We show our employees the TimePlan app during our intro days and set it up on their smart phones. It is important to retain our young workers with good software products. 60 percent of our employees are hourly paid. It is a great help for us to put shifts up “for sale” on the app and let the employees sign up for them. It saves us a lot of time, phone calls, SMSes and Excel spreadsheets,” says Mads Stenger.

Employees at POWER can swap shifts on their mobile phone

Automatic scheduling

The Autoplan module creates the roster for you and gives you more time for your customers and staff.


TimePlan warns you if collective agreements and local rules are not adhered to during scheduling.


TimePlan gives you an updated overview of staffing. You avoid under and over staffing and save work hours and wage costs.


TimePlan has a clear and intuitive user interface, which optimises the planning process. All data is stored in one place.


Companies in more than 25 countries use TimePlan

TimerPlan customers in retail


Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Staff management
for industrial services

Shift planning for production and industrial service providers

Organisations working in the maritime, energy, recycling and biotech sectors have a common need for reliable and scalable software to schedule and manage employees work hours, along with their HR administration processes.

More and more companies within the industrial service sector arena decide to use TimePlan to plan their shifts, manage time and attendance, absence, HR Administration, and much more.

TimePlan Shift Planning for Production and Industrial Service Providers
TimePlan has a module called Projects that allows you to assign workers to projects or tasks throughout a day

Assign staff to projects

TimePlan has a module called Projects that allows you to assign workers to projects or tasks throughout a day. If an employee needs special skills or a certification to take on this task, you can make a note of this in TimePlan.

The workers record their hours by signing in and out of TimePlan, e.g. three hours on one task, four hours on another. TimePlan’s module Projects can also be integrated with third party systems.

The project module is an extension of TimePlan’s shift planning, where you can analyze, how much time is spent on a task and how much the wage costs are.

No more pen and paper at Hytek

TimePlan has optimized the internal processes and given an increased focus on marine and industrial markets for Hytek A/S. The old workflow has now been replaced by TimePlan, which makes the daily management much more efficient.

Until recently, Hytek A/S in Sindal and Frederikshavn used pen, paper and a whiteboard to keep track of tasks and their thirty hourly workers. The company provides customer- specific solutions in hydraulics and mechanics in Denmark and abroad.

Tom Samson (left) shows Henrik Dam, consultant at Hjørring Business Center and Allan Hejslet, projekt manager at MARCOD, TimePlan in action on the monitor.

Tom Samson shows Henrik Dam, consultant at Hjørring Business Center and Allan Hejslet, projekt manager at MARCOD, TimePlan in action
TimePlan Workforce Management optimizes the productivity for Tom Samson at Hytek.

TimePlan optimizes our productivity

”TimePlan gives us an updated overview of what projects our employees are working on right now. We can sit anywhere in the world and be up to speed. TimePlan shows us the skills of our employees, including their certifications. We can send the right people off to the right tasks and quickly reprioritize,” says Tom Samson, Chief Operating Officer at Hytek.

The modernization of Hytek’s IT system with TimePlan is – with the words of Allan Hejslet, MARCOD Project Manager for the Maritime Growth Program – ”an optimal way to get the most out of the new market opportunities.”

Companies in more than 25 countries use TimePlan

“I’m very visual, and with TimePlan I can put everything in boxes and colour codes. All employees are displayed in one, large screenshot, and they all get the work hours they need over a six-week period.”

Robert Bruun Mariager

Operations Coordinator

ARC Genbrugsstationer

Customer since 2003

Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels & Restaurants

Staff management for hotels,
catering, and restaurants

Flexible shift planning for leading hospitality and catering providers

Large hotel chains, catering companies, and restaurants across Europe use TimePlan as their workforce management system.

Department managers, crew leaders, restaurant managers and house cleaning supervisors are in complete control of their workforce with TimePlan.

Staff planners create rosters and forecasts to optimize their manning needs. Receptionists, catering staff, and cleaners sign in and out of TimePlan to record their work hours. They also check their schedule and messages on their smart phones.

Staff Management for Hotels, Catering, and Restaurants with TimePlan Web App
TimePlan ensures correct scheduling and time tracking, accurate payroll data, easy administration for the hotel and restaurant management

Automatic wage foundation for payroll

HR staff keeps track of employee documents, contracts, employment laws, and employee development – all within TimePlan.

TimePlan provides the payroll department with an automatic wage foundation based on the scheduling, time and attendance, absence, overtime, etc.

TimePlan ensures correct scheduling and time tracking, accurate payroll data, easy administration for the hotel and restaurant management, and happy employees.

Scandic Hotels save time and wage costs with TimePlan

“TimePlan gives us a clear overview and makes it easy for us to comply with collective agreements. We save work hours and wage costs every day.”

Anette Skjærris
Scandic Hotels
Customer since 2005

Scandic Hotels saves time and wage costs with TimePlan

Since 2005, Scandic Hotels has used TimePlan to keep track of work hours and wage data for about 2,000 employees. The chain has 230 hotels spread across the Nordic region, and TimePlan has saved Scandic Hotels both time and payroll costs.

“We have selected TimePlan in Scandic because the program gives us a quick overview and we can easily check that we comply with our main collective agreements and all our local agreements,” says Annette Skjærris, Payroll Bookkeeper at Scandic Hotels.

She operates within more than 200 collective agreements and local agreements, and TimePlan knows them all. The software ensures that the agreements are being complied with for each employee, and TimePlan also takes care of online shift planning, time registration and HR administration for the entire Scandic chain.

Peter Lackner, Rick Stobbe and Rasmus Steen meet with Bent Dahl Jensen from TimePlan Software
The MOXY and Marriott Courtyard hotels have been implementing TimePlan at European hotels since 2015

Too many or too few hours

One of the many department managers that benefits from using TimePlan is Kim Knudsen, F&B Manager at Scandic Kolding. He checks his employee work hours every day.

“I use TimePlan in my daily work to check work schedules and see wage budgets. I also create rosters and compare the actual hours with my wage budget,” says Kim Knudsen.

“In TimePlan, I can see how many hours an employee has worked in a week or a month. When the counters in TimePlan are yellow, the employee has not had enough hours. When the counters are green, it’s fine and when they are red, the employee has worked too many hours.”

Time registration via terminals

Not only have Scandic Hotels management has had an easier life since TimePlan was implemented. Employees also benefit greatly from online shift planning and time registration. Physical TimePlan terminals at Scandic Hotels easily record when the workday starts and ends, and each employee has his or her own login.

“Practically speaking, I walk through the door, and then our TimePlan terminal is placed right next to it. When I see it, I sign in and when I leave, I sign out,” explains Anne Dorthe Hjort, Restaurant Supervisor at Scandic Kolding.

With TimePlan, the MOXY and Marriott Courtyard hotel staff have a complete overview of personnel costs and wage budgets
With TimePlan, the MOXY and Marriott Courtyard hotel staff have a complete overview of personnel costs and wage budgets

Vacation and time off in lieu

“We can log into our TimePlan and see if we have any hours saved for time off in lieu. Before we got TimePlan, we had to see our manager, and he had to look through all his papers to find that information. Now, we have all the information in TimePlan,” says Anne Dorthe Hjort.

Scandics headquarters in Denmark administers monthly pay to over 2,000 employees. Annette Skjærris says: “Those of us here at the payroll office have experienced a huge difference since we shifted from Excel to TimePlan. In Excel, we typed in everything manually with high risk of error. Now, we get all data and work hours exported directly into our payroll system with a few clicks.”

Annette Skjærris concludes: “Since we implemented TimePlan, we have saved a lot of money. Both in terms of compliance with collective agreements and manpower.”

Companies in more than 25 countries use TimePlan

“We selected TimePlan because the program gave us more accurate numbers than the software we previously used. TimePlan has many more functions and helps us run a much better business.”

Marlene Melstrup


Sunset Boulevard

Theme Parks & Leisure

Theme Parks & Leisure

Theme park & leisure
workforce management

Flexible workforce planning of hourly-paid and seasonal workers

Many of TimePlan’s theme park customers employ seasonal workers. With TimePlan, they can reuse templates and work schedules year after year without having to do each roster from scratch. Templates for shift patterns can be applied – even when new employees are hired.

Many theme and amusement parks are open on weekends and in the evening, where special employment rules apply for over-time allowances.

Schedule seasonal workers at theme parks with TimePlan Workforce Management
TimePlan Workforce Management allows you to focus on your guests at the theme park and makes the workday easy for your employees

All work hours are recorded correctly

TimePlan ensures that all work hours are recorded correctly via a punch clock, sign in and out on terminals or simply via the TimePlan Web App.

The employees can enjoy their work knowing that all hours are recorded and rules are being adhered to. The staff administration and management save time and hassle every day with easy administration and transfer of data to the payroll system.

TimePlan and ProLøn keeps track of employees, schedules and payroll

“We save a lot of administration costs by having a system that goes 360 degrees. Rosters, employment agreements, work hours and payroll are sensitive issues, and TimePlan and ProLøn keeps track of it all.”

These are the words of Michael B. Nielsen, one of the two managing directors of Djurs Sommerland in Nimtofte. In 1996, he took over the largest amusement park in the Nordic region with his brother Henrik after their father, where at that point, all the work schedules for the approximately 200 employees were made in Excel spreadsheets.

“We could not control that. We needed a visual image of who was at work and the cost associated with each shift throughout the day,” says Michael B. Nielsen.

Rush Trampoline Park's employees can see the roster on their mobile devices and swap shifts via the TimePlan Web App
TimePlan makes the workday easy and enjoyable for everyone at Rush Trampoline Park in Aarhus

Designed according to our needs

In 2001, Djurs Sommerland selected TimePlan for shift planning and HR management, and at the same time ProLøn came onboard. The payroll system should match TimePlan’s structure by division into departments, and there needed to be direct integration so that only one database was necessary for both systems.

“I experienced great flexibility and excellent service from both TimePlan and ProLøn. The setup was designed according to our needs, and the integration between the two systems has worked from day one,” says Michael B Nielsen.

For the past 17 years, TimePlan and ProLøn have kept track of employees, schedules and payroll for Djurs Sommerland, which currently has 650 employees. Michael B. Nielsen is known for his commitment and hands-on approach to the day-to-day operations and staff management, and in 2010 he was named Denmark’s Best Boss by TV2’s panel of judges.

Overview of everyday operations

“TimePlan and ProLøn optimize our management burden and gives us an overview of our everyday operations. We have one employee who manages the payroll for 650 employees, and we can create wage budgets in TimePlan and compare them to the actual numbers,” says Michael B. Nielsen.

He emphasizes that the digitalization and automation of TimePlan and ProLøn over the years has made staff management safe and “extremely easy”.

“We use the same shift planning templates year after year in TimePlan and adjust them based on holidays and the number of visitors. 85% of our employees come back every season, so they can renew their employment contracts in seconds with Digital Signature in TimePlan.”

TimePlan makes the workday easy and enjoyable for everyone at Rush Trampoline Park in Aarhus
All Rush employees can see their work schedule and swap shifts via TimePlan's Web App

Shifts for sale on smartphones

When Djurs Sommerland releases their work schedules, employees can see their shifts via TimePlan’s Web App on their smartphones and tablets.

“Our employees can even set shifts for sale on their mobile phones, and they can also bid on available shifts and send messages to each other. This saves us an incredible amount of time in administration, and we can communicate with our employees much more easily,” says Michael B. Nielsen.

He explains that when an employee arrives to start their shift at the Dragon King rollercoaster, they sign in and out via a TimePlan terminal at the Information building. TimePlan registers all hours taking into consideration the collective agreements, allowances, holidays and absence. Every 14th day, time stamping is approved by the head of department at Djurs Sommerland, and the bookkeeper will make a final check in TimePlan before the work hours are sent to payroll in ProLøn with just a few clicks.

Companies in more than 25 countries use TimePlan

Customers wi

“With TimePlan’s Web App, we can easily communicate available shifts to our 20 biology and veterinary students who help as presenters at our special events.”




Louise Nordbjerg Bach
Communications Coordinator

Copenhagen Zoo
Customer since 2007



Workforce management for airports
and transportation providers

Smooth scheduling of frontline personnel and operations

Scheduling and keeping track of work hours at an airport, ferry operator or delivery company, can be a great challenge to meet customer expectations and demands. Everything tends to happen fast.

Fortunately, TimePlan has made it easy for several transportation providers across Europe to schedule their employees, keep track of time and attendance and have important analytics and administration available in real time 24-7.

Smooth Scheduling of Frontline Personnel and Operations with TimePlan Workforce Management
All TimePlan schedules take collective agreements and local employment rules into account

Collective agreements and employment rules

All TimePlan schedules take collective agreements and local employment rules into account. The index counters will automatically alert you if you are about to give an employee too many or too few hours or if you are breaking a collective agreement or employment rule.

TimePlan also helps you avoid paying employees unnecessary over-time, and the software keeps track of absence, holidays, and time off in lieu. The result is smoother daily operations, satisfied employees and reduced wage costs, saving management and administration departments time into the bargain.

Flying high with H. C. Andersen and TimePlan

When you take off from Hans Christian Andersen Airport (HCA) in Odense, Denmark, TimePlan is part of ensuring that the airport personnel is ready to welcome you on board your flight. HCA has used TimePlan to plan shifts and register work hours since 2016.

“We heard about TimePlan through Esbjerg Airport and discovered that other Danish airports use the same system,” says Johnny Svensson, Head of IT at HCA.

“Our collective agreements are quite complex because our staff work odd hours, depending on the flight departures. TimePlan automatically calculates all the necessary pay supplements, and under “Functions” we are able to see who is taking care of what task during which departure,” says Johnny Svensson.

HCA Airport schedules front line staff with TimePlan Workforce Management
Johnny Svensson from HCA Airport is very pleased with the results of TimePlan Workforce Management

Work schedule on your mobile

HCA’s employees register their work hours in TimePlan via sign-in terminals.

“Our employees can view their rosters on their mobile phone and swap shifts in TimePlan. That’s a handy function for those employees who don’t work at the airport on a day-to-day basis and who are being called in to assist with the flight departures,” says Johnny Svensson. HCA’s employees register their work hours in TimePlan via finger print sign-in terminals.

The next step for HCA will be to export data from TimePlan into the payroll system used by HCA.

“We’ve had very competent guidance from the TimePlan support team during the whole implementation. Our setup can be quite challenging at times with the various collective agreements, and the TimePlan support has been very easy to get a hold of and ready to help.” 

Companies in more than 25 countries use TimePlan


“Our employees can view their rosters on their mobile phone and swap shifts via TimePlan. That’s a handy function for those employees who don’t work at the airport on a day-to-day basis and who are called in to assist with the flight departures.”

Johnny Svensson

Head of IT

Hans Christian Andersen Airport