We have just received this lovely photo from the Dolakha district in Nepal, where the Guarishankar Higher Secondary School has now been rebuilt with support from TimePlan Software.

The school in Jakar Village was destroyed after the earthquake in Kathmandu in 2015, and on the initiative of Peter Tabor and his football team, the Nepal Cup football tournament started the same year.

“I worked in Shanghai at the time and played football with a friend from Napal, who was in Kathmandu when the earthquake hit. He stayed back for a whole month to help with the relief work. When I returned to Shanghai, he told the team about the terrible stories and conditions in Nepal,” says Peter Tabor.

We have to do something

“There was an urgent need for water, food and clothing in the short term and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure in the long term. Everything was destroyed. We decided to do something and thought that we are a football team, so we can start a tournament that Individuals and companies can sponsor. We also thought that the money could go to the rebuilding of the schools to help the country move on after the disaster,” says Peter Tabor.

Hat-trick from TimePlan

Preparations for the Nepal Cup started, and Peter Tabor reached out to Danish companies, including Henrik Baasch, CEO of TimePlan Software, for sponsorships.

“I had never been to Nepal, but I went there and got an insight into the need for help and how to manage the sponsor donations in the best possible way,” says Peter Tabor.

The choice of school projects was taken in collaboration with the Human Practice Foundation, a fund focusing on reconstruction of schools in Nepal.

TimePlan Software agreed to sponsor the Nepal Cup 2015, and the support has now lasted for three years. According to Peter Tabor, this is a “hat-trick” in the football world with three goals by the same player in the same match or – in this case – three sponsorships for three consecutive years from the same company.

Name plate at classroom

After three years of tournaments in Kathmandu, including at Kathmandu National Stadium, the first school in Jakar Village has now been rebuilt. The TimePlan name plate is placed outside one of the classrooms. The reconstruction work continues and local residents in the school area express deep gratitude and appreciation for the help and the Nepal Cup project.

Here is a video showing Guarishankar Higher Secondary School and the difference the sponsors have made:


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