Implementation, education and support

Implementering af TimePlan

Once you have ordered your TimePlan licence and have decided how you would like your TimePlan solution hosted, you will be welcomed as a TimePlan customer by our competent consulting team.

Depending on the size of your company, you will be assigned your own personal TimePlan consultant, who is responsible for the implementation of TimePlan in your organisation. The TimePlan consultant will set up TimePlan according to your requests and needs — either physically in your business or virtually via telephone and online connection / remote desktop.

The consultant reviews your workflows, payroll, collective agreements, departments and other relevant areas of your business to ensure the best possible setup and structure. This is done in close collaboration with you as a customer. The TimePlan consultant relies on your input and skills to ensure the best possible results.

TimePlan er udviklet i samarbejde med kunder igennem årlige ERFA møder i flere byer og lande

The implementation of TimePlan typically also involves a training course, where some of your employees are trained as TimePlan Administrators and / or TimePlan Super Users.

These employees can subsequently train other employees in how the software is used day to day. If you wish, one of our TimePlan consultants can train all users in your company.

TimePlan Community

After the implementation and training has been successfully completed, our TimePlan consultants continue to be available with a wide range of tools to ensure that you continue to get the most out of your TimePlan solution.

We offer manuals, training videos, release documents, webinars, customer meetings with other TimePlan customers (depending on customer size and industry), etc.

You can access these tools through the TimePlan Community, our online forum for TimePlan customers. You can also order ’brush up’ courses from your TimePlan consultant if there is a new module you would like to add or a special feature you would like to go into depth with.

Contact our TimePlan consultants to learn more about implementation, training and tools.

TimePlan Support

As a customer, you have access to the TimePlan Support from Monday to Thursday from. 7:30 am – 4:30 pm CET and Fridays from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm CET.

You can reach the support via phone and our online support system JIRA Service Desk, where all inquiries are recorded and actioned.

TimePlan Support strives to provide both a professional and personal service, so as a TimePlan customer you can have your questions answered quickly and get on with your employee scheduling, time registration and HR administration in TimePlan.

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