”Today is a historic day for TimePlan,” says Henrik Baasch, CEO of TimePlan A/S. ”With the launch of TimePlan 7, we’re jumping a step ahead of our competitors and bypassing several milestones. We owe this to our customers and the market we operate in.”

The release of TimePlan 7 is not just an update. It entails major and drastic efficiency initiatives, especially when it comes to Autoplan and the new TimePlan Web App.
“Autoplan is a brand new way of making plans. There is a trend among our customers to remove workforce planning from the individual store and place the function in the hands of the head office. With Autoplan, we are giving out customers the tools to generate rosters centrally as fast as possible. We are letting the machine take care of following the rules,” says Henrik Baasch.

TimePlan Web App
He also highlights the new TimePlan Web App and messaging system, which can be used on all platforms, smartphones, tablets and PC’s.
“We are giving our customers the option of taking TimePlan with them anywhere, anytime, and communicate with each other with the messaging system. Thus, we are bypassing several milestones,” says Henrik Baasch, who looks forward to seeing how TimePlan 7 helps the users save time and reduce wage costs.
TimePlan has been the leading software for workforce planning, time registration, and HR – administration since 1995. TimePlan A/S today serves more than 400 customers in 21 countries.

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