This week, the Finnish TimePlan customers Fazer, STARK, Biltema, HopLop, Rush Helsinki and Capital Catering met in Helsinki for the annual TimePlan customer meeting. One of the main themes was the 2016 changes in the Finnish employment law.

A new legislation proscribes that when an employee has worked 220 hours, they are entitled to one day off. This can accumulate into a maximum of seven days per year per employee, depending on which collective agreement the person operates within.
The Finnish customer group submitted a request through TimePlan’s Karoliina Toikka and Pasi Kurkinen, asking that TimePlan will keep track of this legislation as TimePlan keeps track of other important local agreements and rules. This request has now been submitted to the TimePlan development team to be implemented in the software.
TimePlan is shaped by our customers
“The Finnish customer meeting is a prime example of how TimePlan is shaped in collaboration with our customers and as a result of new legislation and trends in the various countries, says Kieran Ambrose, International Manager for TimePlan, who is also pleased about TimePlan’s recent expansion into 23 countries after JYSK brought the software into Belgium and Greece in September.

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