25 participants from 13 retail businesses in Denmark participated in TimePlan’s annual customer meeting in Aalborg, including Bauhaus, Jysk, IKEA, Magasin, SILVAN and Netto.

This week, TimePlan Software’s oldest customer group, Retail 1, met in Aalborg for the 16th annual customer group meeting. Bauhaus, Jysk, IKEA, Magasin, SILVAN, Netto and many other TimePlan retail customers learned about new functions in employee scheduling and analytics and put forward their requests for future developments and improvements.

Things are happening fast. That’s how it is for all of us. Those were the opening words of Henrik Baasch, CEO of TimePlan Software, during the annual Retail 1 customer meeting. He expressed how pleased he was that 25 participants from 13 retail businesses were represented, and he emphasized that TimePlan Software’s new head offices has plenty of space for the group to continuously grow.

New collective agreements and Autoplan
Marianne Bækgaard Nielsen from Dansk Erhverv presented the new collective agreement for trade, knowledge and service and the new personal data act. Ole Pedersen from IKEA showed how IKEA has used automatic employee scheduling (Autoplan) since October, and how IKEA uses the module Functions, because their employees can work in different departments within the same shift.

TimePlan Roadmap
TimePlan Software’s Henrik B. Larsen and Lilian Jensen presented Digital Signature in TimePlan and TimePlan’s new Web App for employees. Towards the end, Finn Harsfort, TimePlan Software’s Development Manager, showed TimePlan’s roadmap for 2017 and what the customers can look forward to in terms of new functions and improvements in TimePlan.
“A successful and very well-attended meeting,” Henrik Baasch concluded after the meeting.
This upcoming week, two other TimePlan customer groups will meet in Fyn: TimePlan Retail 2 and another group for customers in Transport, Amusement Parks and Service.

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