Implementation, Training and Support

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Depending on the size of your company, we recommend that a TimePlan consultant sits down with the relevant people in your organisation to go over work routines, wages, collective agreements, etc. to ensure the best possible structure.


If you wish, a TimePlan consultant can train a number of super users who can then supervise other employees in your organisation. If need be, the TimePlan consultant can also train the remaining employees in how best to use TimePlan.


TimePlan offers different support levels depending on your needs. This includes updating subscriptions, telephone support, response times, etc.


Purchase a Licence

By purchasing a TimePlan licence, you receive unli­mited use of the software.

Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is available to provide a full SaaS experience during an agreed period.

Use & Pay Licence

With a Use & Pay licence, you only pay for the active employees who are scheduled to work or are absent during a given month. Invoicing is submitted quar­terly in arrears.

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